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Dear all,
I am Emanuele, from Italy, and I will tell my story hoping that someone can benefit from my experience and the solutions I have found.

My experience has brought me to establish a link between my prostatitis and my otitis and (probably) the Staphylococcus Aureus.

My solution are:
1) Curing my ears by getting rid of the bacteria (probably the Staphylococcus Aureus) that festers in my ear channels. To get rid of the bacteria I cleanse my ear channels with a solution made of: 1 liter of distilled water, 15 grams of boric acid and 1,5 grams of salicylic acid. I have it made by the local drugstore.
2) Using a Prostate Cushion.

I owe 95% of my well-being to the periodic cleansing made using boric-salicylic solution. The prostate cushion counts for the remaining 5%.

If my English or my story are not clear enough, please write me and I will try to make myself clearer.

It all started in the summer of more than 10 years ago (I am 41 years old). After having jogged on the beach late in the afternoon, I caught a tremendous fever.

I was diagnosed otitis media and externa in my left ear and otitis externa in my right ear.
The doctor prescribed me some antibiotics which solved the most part of the problem in around one week: the fever ceased and the strong pain in my ears faded away in around 7-10 days.
In the following weeks, months and years I kept feeling minor problems affecting my ears. The discomfort was multifaceted: my ears were very sensitive to cold and humidity and, in general, I was feeling the same discomfort you feel when flying in a plane before your ears "pop".

A few week/months after the fever-otitis episode (it probably was October) I started “feeling” my scrotum. I mean that for the first time in my life I could notice that my scrotum existed. You usually do not feel/notice any parts of your body: you do not feel/notice your elbow (unless you touch it), you do not feel/notice your lungs. But I could feel my scrotum. It was there. In addition it was like if my scrotum was somehow squeezed by my legs.
In November I went to the doctor. I was diagnosed prostatitis. I then visited several doctors.
Doctors prescribed me to stop drinking alcohol (which I did not drink) and especially beer (I have never drunk any beer), smoking (I have never smoked).
Doctors prescribed me antibiotics. No improvement. I have searched in my sister’s university books and manuals (she is a doctor) and I have discovered that in such books (published in mid-90’s) it is clearly stated that antibiotics are ineffective against prostatitis.
One doctor suggested me to keep my scrotum cold using a bottle of cold water (eg holding the bottle between my legs while lying on the sofa). No improvement.
I have tried the cure described in the book “Prostatitis: The 60-Day Cure”: I have changed my diet, I have tried the Ultimate Fast (salt-water, cayenne pepper, lemons, psyllium, etc), I got my amalgam fillings removed from my teeth, etc. No improvement (but better diet and improved consciousness about my health).

For years I have suffered the symptoms of prostatitis (that feeling that my scrotum “was there” and that it was constantly squeezed by my legs) and the discomfort in my ears (my ears were very sensitive to cold and humidity and, in general, I was feeling the same discomfort you feel when flying in a plane before your ears "pop"). The ailment was chronic. It faded a little bit for some time and then it came back. Now I found a solution (see below) and the situation is much improved.

At a certain point I decided to undergo acupuncture to cure my otitis.
Immediately after the first treatment (that lasted around 1 hour) I could feel that my prostate discomfort was gone almost completely. However my ears’ discomfort did not diminished at all! The benefit of the cure lasted a few days.
I went back to the doctor asking to repeat the treatment telling him that my scrotum/prostate benefited from the cure. While my ears did not benefit from the cure.
It happened again: my scrotum/prostate improved, my ears’ discomfort did not change. Again the benefit lasted a few days.
The acupuncture explained to me that according to Chinese medicine ears and sexual organs are linked.
After a few more treatments I quitted.

At a certain point I decided to visit an otolaryngologist because the problems to my ears was persistent.
He showed me the inner of my ear channel using a micro camera that was broadcasting realtime on a monitor. My ear channels were full of dead skin flakes (like dandruff) and the left one had a little wound.
He prescribed me Mercurochrome to cure the wound and the boric-salicylic solution to get rid of the skin flakes.
When I put the boric-salicylic solution the relief was immediate. It cancelled the problem right away. Immediately!!!! For the first time in years my ears were sane.
A few weeks after the prostatitis disappeared.
From that day I regularly cleanse my ear channels with the boric-salicylic solution.
Now that I have been using the boric-salicylic solution for years, I start feeling that its effect is diminishing over time and I fear that the bacteria festering in my ears are fighting back.

To complete the picture I can give you this additional piece of information.
My skin is quite sensitive and I suffer dandruff.
My hair is very very short. Military hair style. And I sometimes have spots/pimples on my head.
A few years ago I went to a dermatologist who told me that the cause of my spots/pimples was the staphylococcus aureus (I had always thought that the problem was my liver and intestine and, as a consequence, I have banned from my diet any possible foodstuff that – in my opinion – could irritate my liver and intestine!!!). The doctor prescribed me some cream.
Some time after I have started using the boric-salicylic solution on my head (I first cut my hair – I do it myself – then I have a shower and then I immediately put the boric-salicylic solution on my head). The result is astonishing. The boric-salicylic solution peels away the dead skin flakes and I do not get any spots/pimples any more.

I do not know why. But the symptoms of discomfort in my ears fade away and then disappear if I stay in places where the weather is dry.
I understand that boric-salicylic solution is to be handled with care and that it can hurt/damage your eyes.

Emanuele, from Italy

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