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Is there anyone who has had an LRP and had scrotal pain as a symptom of their CP? I've heard that this takes longer to get rid of than the guys who originally just had perineal pain. Thanks.

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Slowly coming along. Had a couple of bad weeks but have been much better lately. Pretty well 100% continent now. No erections but that takes some time and effort. My advice is to be prepared for anything. Some guys recover right away, others like me take some time. This Friday will be 16 weeks. Dr. Krongrad and his staff are wonderful and the post-op support is second to none. They really care. Surgery was really uneventful. Put me to sleep and when I awoke, it was done. Seems to have happened in an instant. Pretty sore afterwards. The scope holes mainly. Staff at Jackson North were great. I sent them a thank you note when I got home. I hope you have a shorter flight than the one I had. 11 hours and two connections to get back home. Don't know what else to say other than good luck and I hope you enjoy Ft. Lauderdale. We were there in the middle of winter so recovering by the pool was nice.

Thanks Dennis. I'm glad your doing better & I just pray that everything goes well for me, as I'm still scared to death for some reason. I live in Mobile, AL, so my flight shouldn't be but a couple of hours. I'll probably be flying from Pensacola to Miami (one way) I don't want any stops, especially on the way back. Is your testicular pain better than before the surgery?

Day to day pain is about the same. But I don't have those moments where I'm in agony and can't get off the couch. So that's definitely better. Sitting for long periods of time is still a problem.. Your fear is perfectly justified. But you should bounce back nicely. You're younger than me, correct? I wish I could have had this done when I first had CP in 1994. Woulda saved me a world of hurt. Good luck, Hunter. BTW, have you talked to any of the other guys who've had it done?

Same fear for me. I visited dr. K. last february but I am not realy prepared for the surgery. My symptoms are frequency , penis burning, hesitancy. I do not have any dull pain and thats makes me very confused. But the simptomes I have are enough to keep me anxious all the time. Have this for more than 2years and nothing realy works. Some improvement with Cernitol and Ibuprofen 400mg.
Sitting down is not a realy issue but I am afraid about post LRP . I have a driving job and this is the only income source for my familly..
Do you think guys I will be able to drive again after surgery?
Its one year past since the last update ( april 2011) I hope they will post the 2012 sunn.

Like I said. Everyone is different. A buddy of mine had a regular RP for cancer and he said the most discomfort he had afterwards was from the catheter and the scar. Other than that, he was as right as rain. Same thing for a friend of my wife's. You just should be prepared for anything.


I've checked out all the other testimonials & I like my chances with the surgery but now my insurance company is going back on their word to cover the procedure. I'm 38 years old, 39 in July. I'll get you updated on what happens with my insurance.

BTW, I guess you've tried Proscar etc. for the BPH? Yeah, I'm Canadian so I had to pay cash for the procedure.


I think I tried Proscar back in the day but it didn't really help. My insurance company (after 6 grueling weeks of  giving them everything I had) finally decided that they would cover the LRP for my prostatitis. I'm about to try to get the sugery set up once again, hopefully at the beginning of next month. Is your testicular pain any better now? Are you still seeing slow but considerable relief?



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