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South Alabama football coach has recently spoken publicly about his experience with prostatitis, which involved a 32-pound weight loss and a hospitalization. While clinical details are not provided in the newspaper account, the presentation suggests a febrile, infectious case of acute bacterial prostatitis. Click here to read the story.


Have you been hospitalized for prostatitis?

Have you lost weight because of prostatitis?

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It seems like TURP worked for the coach.

1) The article implied he had acute, bacterial prostatitis, which is not chronic, nonbacterial prostatitis.

2) The article does not specify TURP. It mentions "procedures." Suprapubic bladder aspirations?

3) A TURP in the acute setting carries risk of death from sepsis.

4) He just had a 3rd procedure. His treatments appear to be working poorly. 

Oh, OK. Good clarification. In my case, 52 years, with a 2 year history of CNBP the TURP seemed to help with urinary flow, but groin, leg and lower abdominal pain seem to persist in a moderate/mild manner. Hope you are doing well Dr.

Similar to Dr. Muff, Robert Patterson, Merlin Gill, and others.

Right. It seems pretty obvious that persistent Chronic Bacterial Prostatitis won't go away with partial measures.

This followup story doesn't reveal what more may have been going on. Regardless, a sad end to the story.




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