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Hi everyone,

I was just wondering if pain is always the primary symptom of CP? I do have pain around my lower back - but my major symptom is urinary frequency which distresses me much more than the pain does.


Any info would be great


Thanks a lot


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Pain is a hallmark of prostatitis, which can be also associated with urinary, sexual, and generalized symptoms, e.g. fatigue.


Frequency may be associated with prostatitis. However, frequency is pretty nonspecific. When associated with pelvic and back pain, it can can be a symptom of anything from urinary tract infection or bladder and/or ureteral stone to festering, low-grade appendicitis.

Seeing the urologist seems like the right step. Kindly keep us informed of your progress.

Yes, urinary frequency is a very  boring thing. it could be caused by inflammation, or, some other reason, like strain, etc. first you should know which  reason causes that symptom.



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