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This is a weird question for Dr kongrad.

Have you noticed that a Prostatitis patients prostate looks any different from other prostates when examined after removal? Like more red/irritated look? Odd shape? etc etc

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Well, Mike, I finally saw one prostate that looked different.

This was in a patient with paraplegia. You can read his story if you click here.

At surgery, I observed that the surrounding tissue, including the endopelvic fascia and prostate capsule, had a blanched appearance, pale, as if infected; there was no gross pus.

The pathologist reported that the prostate was riddled with micro-abscesses. As if the prostate had morphed into one big abcess sponge.

Like the other patients, this patient has reported symptomatic relief.

Unlike the others, his prostate was not grossly or microscopically normal.



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