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It's not exactly clear what led to the composition of this particular article, but here it is: dogs also get prostatitis.

Do other mammals? If not, do humans and dogs share risks that specifically cause them to develop prostatitis?

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A patient with pain from a bullet wound should have pain medication right along with removing the bullet. A patient with pain, a bullet, and anxiety from being shot should have pain medication, removal of the bullet, and treatment for anxiety.


Addressing anxiety and depression associated with any illness, including prostatitis, is hardly the same as labeling someone crazy, much as addressing nausea in a cancer patient is hardly the same as labeling him crazy. If emotional dysfunction exists, it should be addressed, not as a substitute for treating the primary problem, but as a complement to it.

I wasn't sure where this unusual post was going but Im pleased with its outcome to add to the point of dogs and prostatitis as blake said its quite obvious that other mammals are often going to be prone to the same sorts of disease or infections as humans but as dogs are intimately linked to humans by sharing the same sorts of surroundings, inner city environments, pollutants, toxic food and water all altered by the same sorts of bad practises of industry and business, hospitals, offices and homes with excessive cleaning practises that can only lead to the bacteria being forced to become more resilient are pets exclusively exposed to the same pathological biological problems as us! 

See here a case of baby fatality in britain  many more than one baby has died of this ignorance I'd estimate its in the millions not 100s due to factors I wont go into here. This sort of thing is on the rise as pathogens are becoming stronger in my opinion as a direct result of our tampering with nature and money making practises. I do not feel it will be long before we see worse outbreaks of MRSA type strains of evolved pathogens and superbugs especially seeing as we are constantly thinking of ever more increasingly "stupid" ways to out smart them like with keep 32 see here

Also see the comments on that article above particularly the one by unity his opinion is the same as mine showing not everyone is so ignorant to the harm we are doing to the environment, micro organisms have exsisted on this planet way before we did this is proven by geology and other diagnostics. So if they have been here far longer than us what makes us think we can keep on destroying them and get away with it? I feel we must learn to work with nature instead of against it and then we might find are situation globaly is improved or we could continue our ignorance and see our demise.

I also think it would also be nice to see all bullet wound symptoms addressed accordingly but I'm not sure that happens enough when it comes to things doctors don't understand which in this case is the human body and its relationship with the microbiology of this planet often easily evident in many chronic illnesses through various other symptoms before actual diagnosis as suggested here



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