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I've had prostatitis for 5 years and I am curently 35 yrs old. At first the pain wasn't that bad. but it progressed over the year and became worse over time in fact it became so bad I contemplated suicide .  I saw various doctors. most believed that my symptoms were a figment of my imagination.  though they would always send me away with some antibiotic. I saw a total of eight different urologist over five yr period. the antibiotics never really did me any good. ocasionaly an antibiotic might provide some mild releif but once all medication was consumed symptoms would quickly return. I ended up with c difficile twice from taking antibiotics cipro and keflex. at first getting any real testing done was very hard because nobody was interested in my case. the usual testing was a urine specimen and a rectal exam. to even mention the word prostate massage I would get backlash from a urologist. one doctor told me that prostate massage was for gays. he then asked if I was gay to which I responded no. he then said well if your not gay then there is no need in getting a prostate massage then. though I did obtain the massage eventualy it was some what difficult finding a urologist that did one.

my prostate fluid would always culture up some organism be it streptococcus or staph or ecoli. yet the antibiotics never did much. the nice 8 weeks of cipro and then later 8 weeks of keflex gave me c difficile.

my symptom are back pain. ball pain. pelvic pain. rectum pain hurts to sit golf ball feeling. not much of an erection. hurts to ejaculate.
little bit of orgasm feeling but not much. am currently on vicodin for pain.

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