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At 12:39am on June 28, 2010, Arnon Krongrad, MD said…
How ya goin', Mate? Are you a prostatitis patient? If you fill in your profile a bit more (through the Settings tab in the upper right) perhaps we can interact with you a bit more usefully. Let me know if you need help navigating. Welcome!
At 11:42am on June 30, 2010, Arnon Krongrad, MD said…
Luke, which is your worst symptom? How long have you had all this?
At 8:05pm on June 30, 2010, G8 GT said…
Luke, sounds like you and I are "in the same boat" with this issue. Mine started "officially" in April of this year, after a brief bout of epididymitis. Antibiotics cleared that, but do not seem to be working on the prostatitis.

Have you consulted a pelvic-floor PT? I am trying that along with bio-feedback right now. I have pretty much given up on the antibiotics at this point.
At 7:38am on July 1, 2010, G8 GT said…
Luke, keep you head up. Most of my frustration has been trying to get this properly diagnosed. I personally have had at least 10 urine cultures (all negative) and one semen culture (showed staph infection, although that is quite common in healthy prostates.) I have tried 3 different AB's (doxy, bactrim and amoxicillin) and none have helped. At this point, it appears that most doctors do not know what actually causes many cases of prostatitis. You will need probably need to try AB's first, and then move onto pelvic-floor PT and possibly bio-feedback. For me, taking Zoloft has helped take the edge off of things, but the pain is there so that eliminated any thoughts of this being an anxiety-born issue. I am giving PT another few months, and I also have a cystoscopy planned for next week to rule out anything else, possibly structural, causing my symptoms. If none of those things work or reveal anything, I am going to try the surgery. I cannot handle long-term AB's (even though they do not seem to work for me anyway) because of all of the side-effects. I would rather have it removed, and then work through the 2 main side-effects as I go forward. My obvious concerns are my arrythmia (although I am sure that will be fine) and the long-term potential side-effects of surgery (scar tissue, etc.) because I am only 32. Infertility does not matter for me because my wife and I are done having children, and I am confident erections will come back because I am still young and, even with prostatitis, I have no issues at all currently in that area (except that dreaded pain during and after intercourse.)

Let me know if you need to chat. Talking to others who have this condition is very helpful, and thankfully Dr. Krongrad has this site, which to me, has been a blessing because, rather than sitting back and wondering what this is, we can attack it together by exchanging ideas, therapies, symptoms, etc.)
At 6:21am on December 31, 2011, Chris said…

Hi Luke, I've recently joined the site and have a very similar story to yours. I realise youve not logged in for a long time but very interested to hear what the latest is with you, especially if you found a cure for this horrible thing!

Take it easy



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