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At 11:41am on January 16, 2009, Nik said…
Totally understand your point Dr Krongrad, although it would be worth noting aside from the trial just out of interest-nothing official!
At 1:48pm on July 14, 2009, Smith said…
Hey Doctor Krongrad!
Yes Sir. I was diagnosed with prostatitis one year ago July 6.I'm only 22 years old by the way. It's been a year worse than any before "medically". I've been on some kind of antibiotic every month besides last November and March of this year(2 different Urologist one in Savannah and one in my hometown about 30 minutes from Savannah). I'm currently taking helps in high doses but it makes my elbows hurt so my Urologist has bumped me down to on pill a day. I have the golfball feeling, blood in semen, yellow semen with gel type stuff in it, back pain. It clears when I'm on a high powered antibiotics like Cipro or Noroxin, but returns when I'm positive it is bacterial. Thanks for doing this research and and updating this site. I posted a link to this site on the Prostatitis Group on Facebook and I think it recruted more folks here...I hope it will bring more! I found out about you on CBN's website. You know what you are doing thats for sure, and it is more than apparent that you truly care about prostatitis and the people it effects and that is AWSOME! Any new findings in the trial you can talk about or is that hush hush until the trial is finalized? God Bless Dr. Krongrad.

That isn't me in the picture there, hahaha...I wish I were at the beach though!
At 10:40am on July 17, 2009, Jose S. said…
Dr Krongrad, thanx for being interested in this group, actually i have 19 points, i dont know if its bad o good or which kind of level am i, but im pretty sure that my only sympthom is that i urinate a lot of times a day, my leucocits were high and now are in average, all my studies are ok but i dont stop going to urinate a lot of times every day, and im loosing weight, i only know one case in guatemala and my third urologist prescribe me Permixon, the second Cardura (doxasozine) and they told me to take it for 3 months and the cardura for 8 months, do u think i will recoverate? can i have this my hole life?
thank you very much Dr Krongrad
At 8:30am on July 22, 2009, Jake James said…
Hi Doctor.. Happy to help in any way I can.. please let me know what i need to do..
At 1:44pm on July 26, 2009, Ann Wilson said…
Dr K:
From your other group, as you know I am a Registered Dietitian. Since I don't have a picture on display, you don't know, I ethnically am African American.

I will be starting a non-profit organization, along with two other health professionals, which will target African American Men who we all know are at high risk for prostate cancer, using innovative methods to get them into their physicians for their physicals and prostate screenings, as well as to compel their friends and family members men to get their prostate screenings as well.

In my family, two of my 3 maternal uncles have had prostate cancer. One expired from it. Currently my father in law has prostate cancer, his brother died of prostate cancer and I have one son, who is apparently be high risk for pc as well.

By joining these "online groups" and via personal study, I endeavor to continue to educate myself about all types of prostate disorders for personal/family as well as professional reasons.
At 4:21am on August 17, 2009, Antonio E. Feliciano,Jr.MD said…
Hi Arnon,
Thank you for the information. I will read on it at a later time. It looks very helpful.
At 2:40pm on September 2, 2009, Mike Mullin said…
Hi Doctor, thank you for responding, and providing a great forum. The CPSI opens as a PDF that I cannot edit....I want to submit it, how do others usually submit their results?
At 11:35am on September 3, 2009, Mike Mullin said…
Thank you...I scored a 21. I am going to see another doctor today, but I am concerned as nobody seems to help, or know what to do. The heating method is the DOT method. My urologist wants me to do a Cytoscopy to see if I am eligible for a DOT treatment. My concern is that I do not seem to have an enlarged prostate, but a chronically inflammed prostate. No serious urination problems, or ejaculation pain, just chronic irritation inside and often eminating in my penis. In addtion it seems to affect up into my lower stomach area and manifests as somewhat of a nausea, or awkward feeling. I am going to try accupuncture for the first time on Tuesday also.
At 9:30am on September 15, 2009, Ofir L. said…
Hello Dr. Krongrad,

First, thank you for your informative answer. It seems most urologists don't want to deal with prostatitis at all, ignoring the facts and just saying "learn to live with it". It's good to see someone who cares.

I'm not a merchant marine, although it sounds like a cool job. It's great to hear though that I can speak Hebrew with your office, it can be much easier for me (and I have also discovered now that you have an Hebrew site).

I do believe that my problems come from the prostate. First came the premature ejaculation, two weeks later began the frequent urination, and a month later my ejaculation became very weak (The sperm is "dripping" instead of "squirting"). I think it can't be a coincidence that these different problems appeared in about the same period, and they can all be related to the prostate.

I'm interested in removing the prostate because it seems to be the only possible solution. I had a meeting with a new urologist yesterday, he looked at the tests and medicines I had, and said "Wow, you did the whole list.There is nothing more to do". Then he told me to learn to live with it, and decided I should do cystoscopy again - The third cystoscopy I do in the last 5 years. He said the problem can't be in the bladder, and unfortunately most urologists in Israel will agree with him about that. I have no chance to find someone here who will agree to remove my prostate.

I would like to ask, considering that prostate removal is still my favorite (and only) option, what is the next step? I understand the risks of the surgery and that it might not help me, but I'd like to know what is the possibility of making the surgery in your clinic. Should I do any more tests? Should I just call your office and get all the information from Ruthie? Or is there a recommended urologist in Israel that I should go to before we can make a decision?

At 2:23pm on September 24, 2009, Fred said…
Thanks for the welcome Doc. Hoping to spend more time on here. Great site.
At 9:12am on September 29, 2009, Nik said…
Ill do that in future.
At 5:43pm on October 26, 2009, Mike said…
On the subject of cancer found in prostatitis patients like the 47 year old you just posted about and the majority of us who have had prostate removal as part of your study:

Is the discovery of cancer to be expected in a large number of patients given its frequency in the general non prostatitis community?
At 6:42pm on November 3, 2009, David Feeley said…
yes that would be fine with me.
At 6:21am on November 5, 2009, Richard Aufmuth said…

Thank you for your reply. I am still considering the surgery we talked about. I thought this site would give me more information on this disease and the treatment.
At 5:14am on November 11, 2009, Jake James said…
Hi Doctor,

Thank you for your reply.

I guess my query came from the comment regarding high percentage of men with chronic prostatits developing prostate cancer .. PSA level is ok at 1.2. My father had acute prostatitis, but no cancer..

Thanks again.
At 10:43am on November 12, 2009, Shehan Pingamage said…

Thanks a lot! Just a couple of question from you initially.

1. Is there any proof to suggest that people with Chronic Prostatitis have a strong chance of developing prostrate cancer on the long run (i.e. if the condition in not resolved, say in a certain number of years for example).

2. My main symptoms now are pain when sitting (back of the thighs burning, and tingling perineum), low force when ejaculation and burning soles. The former of the 2 symptoms comes only when i sit. My last EPS check though was not bad, which showed marginal between normal and abnormal in White Blood Cell count, and no pluss cells. I have been told that the pain when sitting is because i have a sensitized nervous system due to the long term nature of the decease and neurogenic inflamation. Can some one in my position benefit from surgery and how much would such a surgery cost?

Thanks again, and great to see a website with so many other individuals sharing there stories.

At 10:45am on November 13, 2009, Shehan Pingamage said…
Hi Dr.Kongrad,

Thanks a lot for your answers. I will certainly speak with Ruth, and will also check out the links you suggested.


At 3:11pm on November 13, 2009, Shehan Pingamage said…
My score on the CPSI was : 23. In the beginning it was a lot higher.
At 9:29am on January 14, 2010, lawrence agyemang said…
I have been diagonised of prostatitis for five years.All attempts to cure has fail.what is the next step to follow?
At 8:26pm on February 24, 2010, Jon said…
I'm greatly encouraged by all the new material on the website. After a quiet period on the forum, suddenly there's a lot of positive new information. I'm hoping that when the study is published increased awareness among doctors will mean that many more men (including myself) will benefit.

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