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At 9:04am on October 12, 2010, Arnon Krongrad, MD said…
Hi Rand,

I'm sorry to hear about your situation. May I suggest that you look over some of the discussions in the groups? You may want to start in the Treatment group.

Did you have any pains like this before the laser? Were you in urinary retention before the laser? Did you have a catheter before or after the laser?

Just as background, it will help those who respond to know a bit more about you, if you're willing to share: Age, overall health ...

At 12:29pm on October 15, 2010, Arnon Krongrad, MD said…
Rand, take a look at Adrian's profile. You two may have some things in common. AK
At 1:18pm on October 15, 2010, Arnon Krongrad, MD said…
Thanks for the update. Any discussion of alpha blockers?
At 1:28pm on October 15, 2010, Arnon Krongrad, MD said…
Hang in there. I'm sure everyone here has his fingers crossed for you.
At 1:51pm on October 15, 2010, Arnon Krongrad, MD said…
Keep something in mind: I am not your doctor and I have not examined you and/or even reviewed your records. So this is an inherently very limited situation and your surgeon is the right address for advice on your situation.

It is possible that Cipro will get rid of this, whatever this is? Sure, it's possible.

Will it? Please let us know.
At 10:34pm on May 18, 2011, Arnon Krongrad, MD said…
Rand, just a quick update, since we once reviewed alpha blockers. At the recent meeting of the American Urological Association there were some data presented to show that the alpha blocker silodosin was associated with symptomaric reductions as measured by the CPSI. I'm not sure where you are in your situation but thought you should know, in case you wanted to discuss this with your doctor(s).

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