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Some prostatitis sufferers report erectile dysfunction from their condition. For these men, is there a slight possibility that LRP could restore their erections in the long term after recovering from the procedure? In these men, is it the damaged/infected prostate *CAUSING* the erectile dysfunction?
Normally pre-operative erectile function is one of the factors determining chances of erectile recovery later on, but could this be reversed in the above situation?

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I would believe so. If prostatitis is the cause of the ED, removing it might reverse the problem. I'm sure the the doctors won't comment on this because there isn't enough data yet. I guess we'll find out by 2011 when the trials are over.
Dr K, what is your opinion about this?....among all he LRP for chronic prostatitis you have done, is there a case showing this tendency?

As Mark wrote, there is no scientific basis for an assessment about the effect of LRP on sexual function in men with severe, chronic prostatitis. Having said that, there are clear examples of improved sexual function in individual cases. Have a look at the videos by David Radford and Dr. Muff that are posted on the Prostatitis Surgery home page. They both make reference to improvements related to elimination of pain.


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