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christos turned me on to this place . i called to see what is up. they were very cool and seemed to know what they are talking about. so it may be worth a shot.
i myself will continue with dr. bahn im still 90% better . but i may go here in the future just to check it out.

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This place looks like prostatitis Heaven. I would love to get checked over here.

I clicked on the "Your Ist Visit" link on the left hand side, and it's exactly the kind of detailed diagnosis every chronic prostatits sufferer should have.
That is Dr wheelers website. He charges 1500 dollars for a basic ultrasound, very pricey. He also created a product called peanuts. Its a herbal pill, like prosta q. It sells for 70 dollars and is not effective at all. They also do not take insurance

I had a phone consult with this clinic last year. I was not impressed and my wife and i were flabbergasted at the prices

I talked to a guyover email who did visit the clinic for prostatitis. . He was given a ultrasound and prostate eps test. He then was prescribed a alpha blocker and sold a bottle of peanuts.. He was then told to come back every 6 months for more ultrasounds and prostate cancer monitoring. He was also encouraged to get on a auto shipment plan for peanuts. He was not happy with his visit...

They attempted to sell me peanuts to, when i called for my consultation last year. I had already tried the product with no results

My opinion is this clinic is no better then your local uro ,who you can beg to do the same tests. Only difference is you wont have to beg at this clinic, but it will cost you thousands of dollars. And they offer nothing revolutionary in prostatitis care.

What wheeler does on first visit is what every uro should be doing on first visits. Unfortunately most of us are to far into our prostatitis for wheelers basic testing and treatment to provide us with cures

Wheeler offers this....

1try to .sell you peanuts supplements
2. antibiotics
3 alpha blockers
4 pain meds
5. massages rarely

same old same old, just repackaged
that sucks! but i think the guy said they take insurance . i could be wrong.
They do the old pay for it out of your own pocket then submit it to your insurance company yourself game. So you would have to have certain insurance for this and for a 1500 dollar utrasound you would get maybe 200 dollars back from insurance.

the going rate in the usa for a ultrasound is 3 to 400 dollars, not 1500.. this is why they do not take insurance. Insurance company's don't mess around . Dr wheeler cant claim a 1500 dollar charge on a 300 dollar ultrasound. So he has patients pay the 1500, and then makes them deal with the insurance company.

I asks why they charge so much for a ultrasound. I was told because they will put it on a cd rom for me. Cd roms cost 11 cents

On his old site he did take insurance. He stopped after increasing his rates and moving to florida. I have been following his clinic for years

correction.. he charges 1000 for ultrasound its 1500 if you get eps with it.
Thanks for the heads-up, Mike. Just shows how misleading these websites can be.

The internet is becoming more dangerous by the day.
Dr wheeler. Funny he called polacheck and tried to get him to change his proto call and not use antibiotics just use his peenuts (what a sells call that must have I tried them for a year..did nothing for me..I did it with the ab's and prostate massage.

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