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Hello guys,
I came across a guy who got cured from china.his name is rsjedh..went to china for 3d prostate injection s..I mailed him ..he said he received antibiotic injection s daily twice a day for 30 days through perinium. .and he stayed in china for 30 days and got rhis is interesting. .he us 41 yrs old..had prostatis for 4 ytd and is cured..he said many Americans were there in china for treatment. .I am befuddled actually. .any feedback. .

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If i remember well, i read somewhere that some men coming back from this treatment have been contaminated by hepatitis C.
I read that also.
Ya I know its better not to go china. .I cant trust these Chinese doctors. .we will get another disease in return. .you know I gave warning to the guy before he went for those injections. .but still he went..hepatitis c is lethal. .so its better to stay away from those Chinese injections. .

i check out that website...some of the testimonials seem quite dubious....stay away

Seriously he dealt with that condition for a decade without a surgery. .I m really surprised and really amused too..

jeffos said:

Which website are you referring to?  i check out that website...some of the testimonials seem quite dubious....stay away

Site is chinese 3d cure prostatis treatment by prostate injections. .type in google..u will get it...i mnot going to get myself infected's too damn risky and can be lethal ...its better to cut ur prostate to pieces rather going to those people in china. ..

Yes I understand.  There is a guy (Sean Devery) on youtube that claims he went to that place in China and was cured.  He might have been cured but I think its a risky treatment that probably fails a lot more than it helps.  Also sounds like it would be horribly painful. I have chatted with John Kennedy who is the American mouthpiece for that office.  He sounds like a used car salesman.  I wasn't convinced to go that route.

I believe that it's really 50/50.  If your problems are caused by an infection, well injecting antibiotics into it surely might help.

For injections it seems like the only place in the world at the moment that tries to find what you have before injecting into the prostate, it's actually hard to believe no one else does this.

I've read a lot of comments about it being a scam, and then a lot of others about it not being one and helping them.

I personally have found many bacteria in my EPS however many doctors I have found in the US only look at urine tests.  I really don't understand why.

On this site you can find solution for your problem:

I don't think your medicines work mr.thomas koch...a guy has used your medicines but he got zero i don't believe in lavyl concept. .

We got our last feedback from England last week, in which case the man ordered his next Lavyl as he had been suffering from prostatitis for 4 years and he did so because he felt much better from the first treatment. Sometimes one is not enough, of course it depends on the individual's personal state and case. 
Plus, we had also a few cases when it turned out later that the instructions of usage were not followed. 
Of course, we don't say that everybody should believe in it, we really wish that you find your own solution which can help you recover!

All the best,


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