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Will surgeries performed in Trinidad be part of the study?

Hello Dr. Krongrad,

Since Trinidad is a foreign nation, I suppose that any surgery performed in this country could not be use as a part of the trial?

When will you start operating there?

Thank You

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1) Prostatitis is a global problem. Non-Americans also have it. They are eligible for the study if they meet the criteria and citizenship and place of residence are not among them.

2) The study asks solely that patients commit to filling out CPSI index scores before and after surgery. This can be done on the moon. So geography is not a barrier to inclusion.

3) We did our first LRP in Trinidad last week.
The only reason I asked this is because it's outside the FDA's control.

Where can I find more about the costs of LRP in Trinidad?
I too would like cost information in trinidad...
FDA approves drugs and devices after clinical trials. Not relevant here.

It is not useful to put prices on a web site because as you can see new flexibilities enter the equation all the time. Moreover for people with insurance (some companies have paid for LRP for prostatitis) a flat simple number on a web site is potentially very misleading depending upon the policies (many patients misinterpret their coverage). So ... I will not put and I would ask you to not put numbers on a web site.

The cost in Trinidad was in this particular case much lower than what the patient, who had cancer, not prostatitis, was quoted at home in the Western US. If a future patient has interest in surgery he should contact his surgeon and his office staff can guide him through easily depending upon insurance, discounts, and potential other variables. In our case with Trinidad (and we may have other options opening) the best is to call my office and speak with Ruth.

Hey Dr. Krongrad,

I was wondering if the option of having the surgery in Trinidad would still be available after the trial ends. The reason I as is because it is my understanding that the surgeries performed in Trinidad result in cost savings for the patient. Thanks for the help.


Sure, Kay. The Trinidad option exists independently of the trial, as do other options. Arnon

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