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Hello. I've not posted here before... though have had contact with Nik previously. Anyway, I'm in the UK, am 39 and have had this damn condition for 10 years now... though much more severely in the last 2 years.

Main symptoms over that period have been pain in the perineum, flank, testicle mostly after sitting (all on right side only), though in last 2 years also intense abdominal discomfort building gradually after ejaculation. For me nothing other than antibiotics has worked and with them, it always relapses eventually. I've had few urinary symptoms - they come on only when I get a significant change e.g. relapse. I have that right now as its just kicked off again following 2 months painkiller free. I don't want to drink anything at the moment. I've previously had cystoscopy (extremely trebiculated bladder, tight bladder neck, all else normal), MRI - all fine, TRUS (some calcification), Meares-Stamey (nothing at all!), a number of semen cultures (some with enterococcus, some clear). numerous prodding fingers etc.

Probably like most people here, I have seen too many doctors who aren't interested, and those that are interested don't know what to do to help.

Anyway, thats my "Hello" ... I hope you don't mind if I post a few questions now - as separate threads.

Best regards


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Welcome Dave!

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