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Before my LRP last year I had very little interest in sex. I was fit, could still get erections and my hormone levels were fine. I cannot get natural erections at all since the surgery 20 months ago. I'm wondering if my low libido prior to surgery is a reason I'm still impotent. Anyone?

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i have heard that healing can take more then 2 years. can you get erections with meds, pumps or injections?

I'm pretty well doing it all, thanks. The side of my bed looks like Santa's workshop. Lol!

Dennis are u in as much pain as before surgery? Are u able to have satisfying intercourse with ED meds

I've been on gabapentin to try to control the pain and it has been getting better. Trimix is the only thing that works with erections. Have been too afraid to try full on intercourse. Will wait till I'm a bit better. Thanks, Dave. How are you?

Not to good right now. Alot of pain an an overall sensei of not feeling to good. Are the trimix injections painful?

How long has it been? Talking to the guys, you're not entirely out of the woods till 2 or 3 years later.

I hate injections at the best of times but it's not too bad. You have to fart around with the dose. I had to go really high then, as time goes on, you can use less. Going to order the gel next. You just have to inject that stuff down the urethra. I'm in Canada and you can only get it in the States.


Multiple ejaculations? In what time frame? Maybe that's your problem. I found any hard physical activity would put me in 4 or 5 days of pain. How old are you?

Are you just bragging? I mean, several times in a short period of time would cause anyone discomfort.

Me and Nick Muff both had our prostatitis start out as epidydimitis in our left testicles. I had a pea sized cyst that was a living hell. After about 3 months it turned into full blown CP. I wish I had at least tried prostate massage when that happened but I opted for the LRP surgery which made things worse. Plus, I'm 100% impotent. You have a lot to consider. You have about a 90% chance of remaining continent after surgery. You have about a 50% of being potent. I have talked to one person about your age, who is totally ok. Everyone else has had serious problems since their RP. Please investigate all options before going the surgical route. Plus, have you had children yet?

You'll probably have to go the narcotic route. I was on Percocet during the worst of it.

The percs work one of two ways. You feel the pain and you don't care or they relieve the pain. They got me through some hard time.

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