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Minimum prostatitis suffering time before LRP?

Dear Dr Kongrad and Dr Eden, what would be the minimum prostatitis suffering time (one year? half year) before you could consider LRP? I have suffered now 3.5 months and this terrible disease eating me alive. A piece by piece every day.

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if you have only had this for 3.5 months get to dr.bahn or dr. polacheck A.S.A.P!!!!! before its too late!!
pekka, get your ass to dr bahn and see if his injections cure you before getting the gland yanked out. Where are you located? europe, try gucernin in rhome. if your in the usa, go to dr bahn in cali.

Also the first year of prostatitis is the worst. Its good to give the illness a full year before doing anything like surgery. I remember my first year i had daily fevers and fatigue, after a year that went away, but i was still left with a host of other nasty symptoms. although not as bad as year 1

dr bahn


if that fails, then get it yanked out
The surgeons will ask you about all your failed treatments. If you haven't tried any conventional treatment, I'm pretty sure they won't operate on you.
thank you for your advices and comments. I have eaten two antibiotic cources Tarivid 20 days, Tavanic 30 days painkillers Burana, Ketomex, Pronaxen, alfa blockers Tamsumin and Xatral and nerve painkiller called Lyrica. Lyrica has reduced pain a little bit. This desease drives me grazy, it just won't go away.

Next week I will go to sperm test. They try to look if there is some bacteria in my sperm.

I am living in north europe. Maybe next step would be to try Dr Gucerning clinik in Rome Italy like Mike suggested.
Please do so. You may get cured and have a normal life.

I would urge you to think very carefully before visiting the doctor in Rome. I don't know anybody who has been helped after vsiting this doctor, but I do know of somebody who has been made considerably worse.
Thank you about your advice Chris. I wish good luck to your LRP in the beginning of next year.

I will carefully consider before I make any decisions about Dr. Gucerning’s treatment.

My PSA tested about one month ago. It was higher than normal 4.9 / 10%. My urolog told me that it has raised because of inflammation in my prostate. I will not use any prostate treatment that could irritate it more before PSA level has reduced to normal (I hope there is no prostate cancer). I will wait two months more and re-test it again.

According latest studies chronic prostatitis increases probability to have prostate cancer. Here is a link to Finnish study. They made a rat platform to study and develop a new drug to treat prostatitis. Same time they discovered a link between chronic proatatitis and prostate cancer.

Chronic prostatitis makes your life nightmare and increases probability to have prostate cancer. I think it is great idea to have LRP as a treatment option.

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