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Dr Krongrad that you much for answering our questions. We so much appreciate you!!
As for as my symtoms:  frequency, burning threw the tip of my penis, spiral urine stream.  The pain seems to intensify after orgasm.  Feels like I'm peeing glass sometimes. I have a very high pain tolerance but this constant pain is driving me nuts. The only time the pain subsides a little when I'm on my feet and busy doing something.  Thank u again for your response!!!!

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Dr. Krongrad do you treat EDO.  If you don't who would you recommend . I  am going to pursue treatment for EDO. If this does not cure my problem. I will have surgery to have my prostae removed. I

Troy, unless somebody is participating in a thread already, he's not notified of new content. I had no idea you posted a question to me until I just accidentally bumped into it. If you wnat to make direct contact with another member, use the "message" function.


Overall, it's MUCH better to post new threads within groups (listed on right; click on +Add a Discussion), because at least then the group members know about the new content. You might consider the Signs and Symtpms group, where you can start an EDO discussion. Others may then find out and join in.

What do you think of taking natural supplements that contain beta-sitosterol. I was reading some Super Beta Prostate testimonials and found them to be very intriguing. I think it is worth a try for men who want to improve prostate health and even better that there are no side-effects!

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