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Hello everyone. I started having prostattitis in my early 20s and I have been dealing with this conditions for more than 10 years now. When i first srated getting symptoms of frequency, urgency, pelvic discomfort, and burning in the urethra i went to several doctors who at first claimed I had an STD infection. I received the standard protocol of antibiotics after antibiotics ..and more antibiotics. Symptoms would wax and wane but never completely disappearing. Last time i went to the doctor was when the urologist told me I had chronic prostatitis and I had to leave with it for the rest of my life. My biggest complain was the lack of good sleep which was affecting my quality of life. I was successful in controling some of the symptoms with saw palmetto and antiinflammatory meds but each one has side effects after long term use. I am currently investigating autoimmune vaccines for the cure of this terrible disease and would like to know if there are others who are thinking about going this route or who have already completed such treatment



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hi i still follow this website but i have not been on here for some time. I do want to let you know that I was able to decrease the intensity and frequency of my symptoms from prostatitis by using the autoimmune vaccines which i first took in March of 2013. Within one month I was already having decreased urgency and was able to sleep at night without waking up every hour to go to the bathroom.

If you just started having these symptoms I dont recommend that you take this vaccine until you have exhausted all other options. Go to several doctors and try their treatment methods first

Who gave you this vaccine and what does it do?

I obtained the vaccine myself from Germany since it is not available in the US. The vaccine is called Strovac and contains vaccine against several different strains of bacteria found in the Urinary tract.

Hi Razvan
How many injection of this vaccine did you do?
You said you have obtained the vaccine from Germany, you mean you went to Germany?

the vaccine comes with 3 vials have to do all 3 vials one to two weeks apart from each other. Within 2 week i started having less and less symptoms until i was able to sleep at night with only waking up one or two times to urinate. After four months i started having increased symptoms again so i ordered another box but only did one of the vials as a booster. The symptoms cleared again and I was relatively symptom free for another 6 months. Then I did the second vial as another booster and I am currently symptom free.

I ordered the vaccine online from a website that sells the vaccine and then they shipped it to me . If you have a friend or relative living in Germany you can have them buy it from a pharmacy there.

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