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Hey Guys, it’s been a while since I have been on here. Someone replied to one of my discussions the other day and I was sent that automated email thing. Otherwise I rarely think about prostatistis anymore. In some other posts I talked about how diet modification really has improved my condition. At first I avoided all foods that contain acid. This made my symptoms about 50 percent better. Urgency went from 20 times a day to 4 times at the most. Pain reduced to nothing. I also started taking probiotics, specifically


Now I have always had a messed up stomach. As a kid I remember being lactose intolerant. I could eat cheese an other similar dairy, but milk or ice-cream made me very sick. I recently began eliminating all dairy products from my diet. I will say that my stomach is 70 percent better. The gas, bloated feeling which really exacerbated my prostatitis has subsided greatly.


Now the only time that I get symptoms is when I over do it or eat the wrong foods. So basically by eliminating acid type foods and dairy I am pretty much back to normal. My only remaining symptoms is urine dribble.


Now remember I was at my whit’s end a few years ago. I went to New York and china for prostate injections narrowly avoiding contracting hepatitis in China. Been to dozens of doctors not one of which recommended I change my diet. I even met with Dr. Krongrad while in Florida. He was a nice guy and had a great  staff from what I remember.  I Spent over 20k in cash trying to cure this thing.  


I only cured my condition through my own research. You see my body was sick. I made my body sick through dairy and eating garbage acidic foods.  I now workout daily and am in the best shape of my life. I can drink certain alcoholic drinks on the weekends with no effect. Of course anything acidic like whine or a drink with lemon or lime juice would be a bad idea.  My point is everything is under control with no help from a Pharmaceutical company or western doctor.  i also get Colon Hydrotherpy sessions every few months from a certified clinic. This will detox your body and reduce the strain on your prostate.  Remember the prostate sits near the colon. Now I realize everyone is different but before surgery,injections,massage,etc etc  give my plan a whirl. Good luck all. I included some helpful links below.

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Hi Mike, great to see you have reached a good state like this without need for any more intervention; shows how complex this condition is.   Just out of interest, did your "prostatitis" ever respond to antibiotics or were they totally ineffective? i.e. did you have clear periods following antibiotics only to relapse weeks/months later, or never any response to them?

Yes at first antibiotics helped. During the first month. After which they did nothing but make me worse. This is one reason that the probiotics I mention need to be taken.


I really hope you guys try all solutions before having the gland yanked out. injections, diet modification, exercise, probiotics  colon hydrotherapy etc etc. I at one point was very close to having this surgery. It would have been a awful choice in my case.I rarely even think about prostatitis anymore  good luck

For anyone interested, there is a related discussion about the effects of long term antibiotics.

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