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prostagym pelivic fitness device, do you think could help?

Hi, I am new on this forum , I have prostatitis for 10 nearly one year, I've tried lots of antibiotics with no results , I have been in Romania few months ago, I bought a device from somebody who use to be a rugby player and he claims to be cured from prostatitis using this device daily for at least one year, I am use It for about 3 weeks but I cant see any change on my symptoms yet , anyone who have an opinion on this, will be very welcome. You can find the information about this thing on this website    there is a videoclip that explains how does it  work.  It looks like a gym mashine , you have to bind it around the penis head and contracting pelvic muscles , and lift up few weights on the other side. He claim he been cured after 6 years of prostatitis doing in this machine 1 hour a day....
 Also I got a cotation from Dr. Eden in UK for LRP but I am not sure what to do yet, I am leaving in Ireland for about 10 years working as a taxi driver, but find a very difficult to sitt in the car for long period due my urethral and prostate burning.
 Thanks for understanding my english

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Fascinating. Thank you for sharing. Some rules for evaluating health claims:

1) Be careful around claims that are absolute and broad. For example, the page you link says: "If you use the PELVIC FITNESS solution as a prevention measure and you maintain this pelvic area active, you shall certainly prevent prostate adenoma’s and prostate cancer’s occurrence, which generally occur after the age of 40-50 years." Really? You shall prevent prostate cancer by stretching your penis with weights? In all cases? Shall?

2) Look for data. Research data to support any health claim. Are there any data to support these claims? If so, can we see them?

I see no theoretical basis for believing that stretching your penis will help relieve prostatitis symptoms. I also see no data.

Adrian, we will be better able to help you if you tell us more about your history, age, overall medical condition, treatments ... which you can do by updating your profile on the Settings button in the upper right.

Dr. K
Thank you very much for ur answer, As u see in the picture I'v attached, in the top the rope there is a vibrator that sent the vibration in the penis, then trough prostate. Actually I dont strech the penis, just tense the pelvic muscle (same as you stop the urine flow).
So the theory is the opposite from all the other theories that say symptoms reflect muscle tension and to relieve symptoms the muscles need to be relaxed with mind-body interventions (relaxation) and/or massage and/or trigger point release?

The theory here is to tense the muscles? OK. I will accept this. But can I see the clinical data in support of it?

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