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Greetings to all, my apologies in advance if I'm posting this in the wrong area of the site; just joined hoping I might be able to find some assistance. After reading a few other user's experiences I believe my symptoms are very very similar with one exception I think; that being blood in my urine. Hoping I may be able to obtain some feedback as I believe it's worsening. Unfortunately the earliest I could get to see the Urologist is late August so I thought I'd try here :).

In case I'm posting in the wrong area I'll keep it as brief as I can ...

47 year old male; no signs or symptoms of anything prostate related.

January 2014 - Routine blood work; family Dr. said everything good "although" PSA level a little high (4.3); said we would monitor it.

April 2014 (Easter break) - returned from a morning meeting, blood in urine. (when starting to urinate). Went to family Dr. the next day; took urine sample and ordered an X Ray (Renal) & Ultra Sound the next day.

10 days later; morning of appointment to review results with family dr, had morning bowel movement (blood still very obvious in urine) when I began getting shooting lower back pain (difficulty sitting, standing or walking). 

Family Dr. asked me why my back would have anything to do with blood in my urine (?!?), said it doesn't - gave me a script for Arthotec + Flexeril and gave me card for Chiropractor. Said other tests looked fine, would refer me to a Urologist if I felt I wanted to see one. (as noted - blood still very visible in urine)

Went to Emergency after leaving Dr's office. ER doctor did a full exam, said to not take anything that was prescribed, diagnosed as bacterial Prostatitis - prescribed Cipro (6 weeks), Percocet, Tylenol 3's.

Late MAY 2014 - During Week 5 taking Cipro, referral to Urologist for a Cystoscopy. Urologist didn't have any of the ER diagnosis, blood work etc (family dr didn't feel it necessary); Urologist said everything ok, even stop taking the cipro. (I didn't as the ER doc said take it no matter what) 

Early JUNE 2014 - Cipro done, no further bleeding but very difficult to urinate and constant sore aching back.

Early JULY 2014 - Less than 4 weeks .. blood in urine again only now MUCH more prevalent (looks like just blood with no urine at the start). New family Dr did another full blood work (fasting etc) and a breath test - all ok. 

Recommended I call the Urologist. The Urologist's receptionist in turn told me over the phone it's likely an infection, go see your family dr as the earliest app't in late August. 

Back to new family dr 2 days ago; said no bacteria in the urine sample taken a few days prior but prescribed an antibiotic anyway - Trimethoprim for 2 weeks, which so far (only a couple days in) is not working.

I guess I'm trying to find out if acute prostatitis can / will or does causes blood in the urine and horrible aching lower back?  

Again, my apologies if I'm posting in the wrong area or rambling with too much info; just trying to find any answers any way I can :) thank you in advance for any advice or suggestions. 


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Kidney infection. .urinary urinary infection. .bladder infection. .or may be prostate cancer
Go to the urologist mate..get a urine culture..a trus of prostate done..and off course routine analysis of ur urine. .
Sorry to hear about your problem...
Urine test are most often negative....try to ask your Dr to do a urine culture test after prostate massage, or/and a sperm culture least you would able to see if prostate or seminal vesicle are infected even if cultures come back negative there should be some inflammation markers.
Like you my PSA was 4.2 when it started, i have taken months of antibiotics which were ineffective because the bacteria was resistant...
When cultures of urine after prostate massage showed up ecoli, I found some relief with IV antibiotics though no cured yet, but my PSA dropped to 1.
In case of prostatis measuring psa is futile..trus can detect carcinoma.or may be a mri .prostatis patients psa fluctuates..nd that is the reason of so many cancer in the biopsies after lrp for prostatis patients which have been proven by dr krongard and dr.eden
Good evening and thank you for the replies gentlemen. I'd delayed posting until today, being the first day following completing my latest prescription for Trimethoprim; 2x100mg Tablets x Twice daily (400mg) for 14 days. Symptoms post Trimethoprim differ than my previous 6 Weeks of Ciprofloxacin (500mg daily).

Following taking Cipro (early June 2014) lower back pain / ache across the entire back continued through to early July when the blood in the urine re-appeared. This evening, 1 day after finishing my script for Trimethoprim; experiencing very very strong pains in the groin (increasing on the left testicle). In the past this aching and pain feeling was the precursor to blood showing up in my urine.

I very much appreciate the suggestion to request a TRUS procedure. May and see if my family doctor can arrange as a follow up to the Urologist has confirmed he is only seeing me on the 18th (3+ weeks yet) to discuss possible / potential infections he feels I "could" then referring me back to my family doctor to administer these "treatments". Unfortunately the 6 Urine cultures provided, 3 separate blood work-ups have NOT once indicated any bacteria ... I was prescribed Antibiotics to 'help' fight an infection that hasn't been observed.

Both family doctors and urologist have all confirmed to date that these symptoms (my passing blood) for approximately 4 months now ... Have no correlation whatsoever with the lower back pain that commenced 4 months ago while passing blood and having a bowel movement. (Seems strange)

Appreciate your advice gentlemen. I'll keep reading, searching etc :)

Much appreciated Blake. I actually live in Canada but I'm open to any suggestions at this point :) even traveling south vs waiting months to see a 'specialist' that has already told me over the phone "Renal, Ultra Sound & Cystoscopy look fine it's probably just an infection again, go see your family doc" ... I'd gladly head south :) 

Many thanks!


Blake said:

@Buck what country are you in, if you're in America what state you in ? I can google and see if I can find you a good clinic to go to that might actually help you, I don't see the everyday normal urologist or family doctor doing you any good

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