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Does anyone experience symptom changes with their prostatitis?  My symptoms seem to not only "wax and wane" but they also seem to change in location of pain, and type of pain/annoyance.  For example, I can start the day with extreme frequent urination and dysuria/burning, but then as the day progresses, the urination symptoms taper off and then I get throbbing pain in my urethra and penis, along with the fullness or "golf-ball" feeling in the rectum.  The one constant, however, is the fatigie and sweating combined with chills (although no fever is present.)


As a side note, I have noticed a burning feeling in my left heel lately, usually when sitting or driving.  Could it be related to my spine?  Perhaps, but it never surfaced until the prostatitis did.


Thank you in advance for any feedback that you can provide.

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I also get a pain in my left heel and I'm convinced it's connected to prostatitis. Strangely enough, I remember an elderly uncle (not a blood relative, but related through marriage) who suffered from prostatitis and he said the same thing. I think it may be a common phenomenon, although I can find no reference to it on any website dealing with the condition.

On another subject, has anyone tried shockwave therapy? I see two recent research papers from Austria (sorry, don't have the links to hand) who claim some success in its use for pain relief for prostatitis. It's already widely used for things like tennis elbow or shoulder pain. As it's a simple procedure and apparently has no ill effects, it would be great if it were indeed effective.
yes i have had all that and then some. my left foot was hot for 6 months. again your at the begining stage . better do something fast before it goes chronic . time is a ticking!
Sure. Prostatitis is very variable. I hear that all the time.

And yes, the heel and foot pain and burning are a pretty common feature. A number of patients saw it disappear after LRP. One patient also had armpit pain that disappeared with LRP.

This is one reason the CPSI, which today is a standard symptom measure, is imperfect: It does not capture many of the facets of the illness, which certainly include foot pain, chills, back ache, suprapubic pain, fatigue, depressed mood ... etc.

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Further to this ...

Check out the Strange Symptoms discussion in the Symptoms group.
Thanks for the reply Dr. Krongrad. The heel burning is interesting. I have felt this type of neurological burning in other parts of my lower extremeties in the past. Those stemmed from a ruptured L4/L5 disc. One of the good things about that injury and surgery is that it has helped me identify nerve pain/feelings, and how they can be felt in one area yet be initiated somewhere completely different. It makes me wonder if there are specific neuro-pathways that run from the pelvic area to the feet/heels?

Again, I cannot get over how these symptoms move. Just 8 hours ago my urethra felt like it was on fire. Now, as I sit here, the burning in the urethra has settled down, but now I have the fullness in the rectum along with the burning. I have had other injuries/ailments in the past, but prostatitis is, by far, the most confusing thing I have ever dealt with!

Arnon Krongrad, MD said:
Further to this ...

Check out the Strange Symptoms discussion in the Symptoms group.
Well, I hope that prostatitis is also the last thing you deal with.

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I get a change every time I had a proceedure done, now I am in 24/7 pain its been 3 weeks since focal turp. I hope this does not last forever

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