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Dr. Krongrad,


I am new to this board, and have only been a sufferer of prostatitis for two months, but I want to thank you for creating this site and sharing your surgery success with all of us.  I am 32, happily married and a proud father of two, but this 2 months of hell has completely turned my life upside down.  By reading this forum, and seeing your work, I know that there is potential hope out there, and knowledgable experts like yourself, who do care!


I am trying alternatives to my issue, but if they do not work, I will certainly be contacting your office for a consultation!


Have a great Memorial Day weekend,



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mike you have a chance !!! your are in the early stage. get to dr. polacheck in arizona or doctor bahn in ventura california !!! a.s.a.p. but dont delay!!! its all about the first few months.
pm me your # i will be happy to help you.
god bless!
Thank you for the response imnotcrazy. Your name sums up how I have felt in explaining myself to my family and doctors!

I am going to see Dr. Shoskes in Cleveland in July as my next step. I am hoping he can shed some light on whether this is truly bacterial in nature. One uro here did a semen culture that grew "some Staph" and suggested I complete the Doxycycline. Unfortunately, I have an arrhythmia so I refuse to take any of the quinones. The other uro, highly recomennded by one of the prostatitis sites, was very nice and gave me an exam. He saw my results reflecting a "mildly enlarged prostate" and after the exam he said I could stop the antibiotics because it wasn't bacterial. I believe he came to this conclusion because while he was examining me, I would wince and shutter, not when he hit the prostate, but when he hit the areas around the prostate. Muscular, perhaps?

I do have a job that requires a ton of driving and sitting and that certainly exacurbates my condition. Did it cause it from the outset? Who knows.

Bottom line is that I will not sit here and be taken hostage by this dreaded issue. I need my health, not just physically, but also psychologically (this is another way prostatitis is beating me down) to be successful in being a father, husband and a consultant.
Doxycycline is not a quinalone, it belongs to the tetracycline family of AB's.

Double check with your Doc of course (as I am not one!!) I really would do as your doc says about completing the course if you can.
Thanks Nik. I guess my grammar was a little off on that one, my bad! I meant I am taking the Doxy since I wont take any of the quinalones....

Did you ever take any antibiotics? Were they successful?

Thanks again,
imnotcrazy, and Mike, thank you for the heads up. Mike, are you still in Philly? I live just east of York. If you're a Flyers fan, congrats and good luck. My Caps choked in the first round!
They were temporarily successful in the early days. The only antibiotic that has any effect now is doxycyline which I am on now due to having prostate injections which made me worse. They are suppressing the awful burning urethra feeling since the injections and now whenever I come off them, the burning comes back. I am now a slave to them and have run out of idea's of what to do if they stop helping.

Have you tried massages? If so, did they work?

I am going to try that with antibiotics. If that does not work it will be the injections. If they do not work, forget it, I am getting it removed. Life is too short to deal with this hell.
I have not found anyone willing to do massages in the UK on a long term repeatable basis as unfortunately it is no longer considered a standard treatment here. Definitely give it a try with AB's if you have a Dr willing though. I suspect due to my large stone in my left seminal vesicle it would cause a flare up for me, as much lesser rectal intrusions such as ultrasound probes have been excruciating. I have tried an aneros DIY massager but its not the same as a professional massage and sometimes caused more pain than relief.
As you can guess after 3 years of pain I am now out of options....!!!! I am considering myself at the point you may or may not be after your massage & injections depending on how they go for you. Right now my best friends are Lyrica and Tramadol. Tramadol is a godsend for me with this pain. Its the only reliable relief I know of.
Wow, sorry to hear you are having so much pain as well. This is the first pain in my life that has been not only a physical challenge, but also a BIG mental challange. I am sure you know what I am talking about!

Are you going to consider surgery? I just cannot see how it could not help us....sure there are drawbacks with the incontinence and erections, but those seem like they could be worked through after....
Reminder: There is a paper on massage posted on the home page. It finds no realy scientific support for this approach.
Click here for the article.

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