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Some doctors recommend FOCAL TURP to treat prostatitis, what is this procedure? and in which case it could be helpful?.

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All TURPs are focal. They remove a portion of the center of the prostate. This is usually done for benign, symptomatic enlargement, in rare cases for obstructive prostate cancer.

Could it be helpful? For some symptoms, yes. But I have seen patients who've had successful LRP for prostatitis but who first failed TURP, so clearly for prostatitis in some cases it is not sufficient.
I had a focal turp on june 17 2010, blockage was removed along with alot of puss and a cheesey substance. all was biopcyed and cultured for 6 days and nothing was found. the removed only 5 grams of material. But now its been 3 weeks and I am in 24/7 pain, a burning in the paremium and anus like a red hot coal is up there. If this does not abait I am just going to have the dame thing cut out. I have been fighting this now for 14 years



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