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Hi there, I've been suffering from prostatitis for a year now. I've recently had a prostate massage which grew a bacteria called Morganella. 

My urologist has recommended a six week dose of antibiotic Cotrimoxazole (and says Cipro also effective, but already been on that to no avail).

Is anyone else battling this bacteria or have any advice regarding antibiotics? Any input whatsoever is much appreciated. 


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Morganella is normally found in the intestinal track, along with numerous other bacteria. In some cases, it can be pathogenic. So the question is whether or not this Morganella has anything at all to do with the symptoms or whether or not it's merely colonizing the urethra, prostate, and/or skin and/or is a contaminant. Please let us know how your symptoms change in response to the new antibiotic.



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