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As a nurse I am sure it is easier for me to be supportive post surgery, than maybe those who are not in the medical field. That is why I wanted to start this discussion group so any of the wives out there could talk to those "Who have gone before" and glean helpful information.


First and formost "Don't friek out!" If at first your husband has problems with some incontenence or impotence. Treat him as normal as you possibly can. Keep in mind what problems that are encountered are surmountable and this is better than all the pain of prostitis.


Anyone have any questions?

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Thanks for the info, we are 6 days post op.
Freak out??? No way!!! :) This is nothing to deal with compared with the pain and complications of prostitis that has been going on for so long that is for sure.
This issue is expected to resolve itself over time. There is a light at the end of this tunnel. Prostitis thought it was here to stay but that all changed on July 29......

Can anyone else share their perspective on this stage of the healing process?



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