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A new study shows that in Taiwan, the risk of chronic prostatitis is more than 9-fold higher in men who have erectile dysfunction (ED).  (click here)  What is the risk of the convervse: ED in men with chronic prostatitis?

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Do we know why ED is linked with chronic prostatitis? there any explanation?

- is it because the prostate tissue are damaged and  the blood flow is then reduced in that area?

-is it a psychological effect?

-is it because of nerves compression due to prostate inflamation?

-is it irreversible once this symptoms appears?

sorry for all the questions but what is your opinion DrK?

Erectile dysfunction can be multifactorial. So for any individual case, one has to consider a broad range of physical and emotional factors.


In the case of prostatitis patients, it would seem that there are a number of physical pain associated with erection and/or orgasm that interefere with sexual function. For example, many patients report that orgasm is associated with pain. They report a reflexive avoidance of erections because of the pain. Likewise, prostatitis is sometimes associated with depression, which can definitely cause erectile dysfunction. So again, one has to look at the specific case because there is no one answer for all patients.


As to what may cause the pain on erection and/or orgasm in the setting of prostatitis, e.g. nerve compression as you suggest, I don't think we know the underlying biochemical mechanisms.



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