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Is there anyone who has had an LRP and had scrotal pain as a symptom of their CP? I've heard that this takes longer to get rid of than the guys who originally just had perineal pain. Thanks.

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I wish I knew the answer to your question because my main complaint is actually testicular pain, some urinary symptoms & chronic fatigue. I'm debating on having LRP in a couple of months & I'd really like to know the same thing.

I didn't have many of the problems you did. All my "plumbing" was working fine. My main complaint was testicular and a tiny bit of perineal pain that started with epidydimitis in my left testicle. By the time the abscess cleared up, I had full on CP. This was my second go round with it. I'd had it in the mid-90's and it lasted 3 years. However, it just went away by itself. But this time it was way worse and more debilitating. I had the LRP in January but it's too early to tell what the results will be. I'll post my results later on.


Did the LRP help with your testicular pain & has it been worth it so far? (as far as pain/symptom relief is concerned)



It was actually worse right after surgery and it's slowly getting better. Long recovery.

Ok, I hope you continue to get better & I hope that eventually you can return to normal because I know how bad it sucks. I'm still debating on having the surgery in the near future but I'm just trying to gather some more information first. I know it's a little different from one person to the next but has the recovery been hard for you so far?

Ironically, the cancer guys seem to have have an easier recovery time than the CP guys who've had a prostatectomy. But, I am getting better, almost fully continent (whew!) and erections still aren't back. But I know that takes time. A buddy of mine who had an RP for cancer took him about 3 years.


Yeah, it's been a long recovery for me but everyone is different.

Sounds good. From what I read the erections are usually the last thing to come back but 3 years is scary as hell. How old are you if you don't mind me asking & did you have any problems with erections before? Thanks for your time.

54 and I had no problems at all. But, at the time, I was more worried about incontinence. I was about 98% about a week and half after I got the catheter out. I was very happy about that.

That sounds good but the erection part still worries me. Was it hard living with a catheter for a couple of weeks & did symptoms seem to get any worse once you had it removed? Also, who removes the catheter? Thanks again.

Had my family doctor take out the catheter. Some guys hate it but I barely felt it. Symptoms did get worse later on. Just have to be patient, though. BTW, not getting full erections yet but I can tell there is a difference. Once again, everyone is different.

Thanks Dennis. It sounds like your slowly getting better & that's wonderful news. If I opt to get the LRP & it gets rid of my suffering then I'd be extremely happy. I've delt with this for half my life now & after all I've been through, I believe I can handle a catheter, although it would suck for 10-12 days. I'm really out of options now & I'm thinking seriously about moving forward with the procedure soon. I have good insurance with BC/BS for years & I've been diagnosed with prostatitis but I'm wondering if insurance would pay for the surgery. They've paid for every other procedure I've had including prostate massages, epididymectomy, cord blocks, microsurgical denervation of spermatic cord (It was an act of congress to get them to pay but they finally did) At least they could examine the extreme drop in CPSI scores & also realize that the prostate would be no more after the surgery.  Thanks for answering all of my questions.



It's been about a month since we last spoke. How are your symptoms/testicular pain now? I've decided to have the LRP performed in early June & I'm still getting everything set up right now as far as pre-op tests, travel plans, etc. Do you have any helpful tips to offer before/after the surgery? Thanks.



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