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Hi there, new to the site. I started off with epididymitis which was mis-diagnosed for 5 weeks prior to relief with doxcycline. Immediately after I experienced prostate problems which have been with me for 3 months now. 6 weeks of Ciproflaxin did minimal to help. I'd say I have all the classic prostatitis symptoms and also the following:
- A constant shiny surround around my urethra (no urine, just a constant coating which doesnt accumulate)
- Occasional sore lymph nodes (mainly armpits, also neck)
- Constipation
- Bad breathe, dry mouth, and thin white coating on my mouth in the morning
- Occasional dry skin on penis
All urine, semen and swab test have came back negative for bacteria. I have done a candida / yeast 'spit test' which invloves spitting into a glass of water in the morning. This came up with all the tell tale signs of a yeast infection (I can give the link to the test if anyone wants it).

Perhaps all the antibiotics i took caused a yeast problem? I'm going to ask my uro for anti-fungal tablets and go on a strict candida diet. Has anyone got experience of this? At the moment I'm off all meds and still get a white tongue. I notice my prostate flares up very quickly after certain meals ~5-10mins. Sometimes my epididymitis comes back for a couple of days at a time.
Any insight much appreciated. Brilliant site. Happy new year.

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Yeast are everywhere. They can easily contaminate your mouth and the cup you spit into. So how does one distinguish a clinical infection from just a contaminant? And how does finding yeast in a cup with spit provide any clues regarding scrotal and pelvic symptoms?

Hi, many thanks for the reply. I got the yeast / pelvic link from this website: It says the science is not fully worked out yet and it may be untrue but it there is a lot here which rings true for me. I know I've only been on the diet for a couple of days but all my symptoms have been drastically reduced, perhaps they will come back but think there is definelty some value in it. My symptoms seem to respond very quickly to food.

In the morning my mouth feels unbelievably dry even though I've been drinking tonnes of water. There has to be something behind this symptom and the thick layer of white goo which coats my tongue every morning. As far as I'm aware this isn't a common prostatitis complaint. Have you any experience of people getting symptom relief from this diet?

That link throws in a pretty long list of symptoms. It's not clear how any of these connect or what this has to do with prostatitis. Dry mouth, as one example, is not a symptom of prostatitis. So again, a laundry list of things that make people feel bad without any obvious connection. The link does not provide a specific diet. I have no idea how this connects to either yeast or to prostatitis.



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