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Comment by Chris on September 24, 2008 at 6:49am
Thanks for the article, Nik. Very interesting reading.

I have a big decision to make on October 7th
Comment by imnotcrazy on September 24, 2008 at 9:14am
wow that is great news at least there are some options.
Comment by Nik on September 24, 2008 at 9:49am
I actualy envy you Chris...!!! One of the few reasons I have not gone ahead with this yet is that my partner & I are trying to concieve and we will be doing IVF soon, so I have to for the moment preserve whats left to provide the samples...!!! After that, succeed or fail, I will then be clear to make a decision. I have felt a lot better since doing the EDTA treatment, but still not good enough to be happy with this for the rest of my life, although I am greatful for the extra time it has bought me to try for IVF.
From everything I have read about the LRP (with a highly experienced surgeon), I have every reason to believe it to be the answer for the chronic prostatitis sufferer who has tried everything else. I would not even fear it if I had to go under the knife tomorrow (Especially at only 37 years old).
I was just thinking with the current economic crisis, and the collapsing dollar whether it would significantly reduce the cost to go to Arnon in Miami, compared with the cost of UK/Europe? I guess if the pound goes into freefall with the dollar (likely) it wont make any difference...!!
The way I look at LRP is this:

No cancer.
No more prostatitis-I am 99.999% convinced of this. I smell a rat with pelvic floor problems.
Very little pain involved during recovery, contollable with regular paracetamol (more discomfort really-probably far less than prostatitis has caused you) Since when has paracetamol controlled my prostatitis pain-never, conclusion, surgery less painful as David Radford & others confirm.


Very small chance of permanent incontinence, so low that I would not think twice about it. Correctable with further surgery anyway, to insert artificial urinary sphincter.

Chance of erectile dysfunction. If so, highly likely to be succesfully treatable with viagra, injection etc

When I look at permanent erectile dysfunction v prostatitis pain I would still choose the former anyway. Chances are you would recover with or without pills anyway.

Another thing with us prostatitis sufferers is that we have lived with pain so long, that its given us plenty of time to make a clear and rational decision on surgery (funds permitting..!!) I feel a bit more sorry for cancer patients because they have no symptoms, then wham-from a good sex life to possible non nerve sparing surgery due to a spread tumour, then no sex life. All a bit sudden and shocking for them, where as our minds have had plenty of preperation along with pain and discomfort from the offending organ, and best of all we can have bi lateral nerve sparing rolled in..!
Comment by Nik on September 24, 2008 at 10:07am
I forgot to mention in the pros, no more NSAID's or antibiotics to cause possible stomach ulcers and a comprmised immune system.
As far as orgasms are concerned, the results are so mixed you cant really pro or con them. A few could not orgasm at all anymore, most had a reduced orgasm, but still an orgasm never the less and some had a more intense orgasm.
No more ejaculate-great, no more mess either...!!!
Comment by Nik on September 24, 2008 at 10:16am
Fogot to mention another pro, no more ibruprofen or antibiotics increasing your risk of stomach ulcers and a low immune system.
Orgasms vary, from a few loosing their ability to most having a reduced orgasm to a few really lucky ones having a more intense orgasm...!!! On average not really a pro or con I guess.
No more ejaculate, some may miss it but no more mess-again neither a pro or con. No more contraception required for those couples still using it-a con.
Comment by Nik on September 24, 2008 at 10:18am
I meant pro for the no more contraception-cant edit like normal for some reason..!!
Comment by Nik on September 24, 2008 at 10:35am
Excuse the double post-the site did not seem to register so I wrote all over again to then find it had after all..!!
Comment by Sue Muff on July 2, 2010 at 1:01am
Nik just got your message. I would be glad to talk with your wife. I don't know anything about this site. You said it was locked. I don't know how to lock or unlock so I am sorry you had trouble contacting me.

I want you to know a man can have an orgasm without an erection so all men should still be able to climax even if there is no possiblility for an erection. Sex life is not over there are ways! Sue Muff


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