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I just want to say how glad I am I decided to have my prostate removed back in 2010. I had suffered with chronic prostatitis for so many years and my health had deteriorated because of it. Years of antibiotics had affected my whole system in a very negative way. I am very thankful I found Dr Krongrad and appreciate the fact that he and other doctors are willing to help men with this dreaded disease. My health has improved greatly since my surgery. It didn't happen overnight but with a disease you have had for 30 years I think that's to be expected. Since surgery my sex life with my wife has improved also. Like most everyone else I have had ED issues but that continues to improve. Stretching exercises seem to really help with erections, I believe it helps with blood flow and keeping the penis limber. My erections are getting better all the time and for that I am thankful. If I had to do it over I would do it again only sooner. After surgery my pathology report also showed cancer in both sides of the prostate so that was an added bonus. I believe time and patience after surgery are the main components of sexual healing. I hope this helps someone, don't ruin the rest of your life by taking multiple antibiotics that wont cure chronic prostatitis and will only cause you more problems. Above all look to God who is the healer of all diseases whether by help of a Doctor or all by Himself. He has been my anchor through all my difficulties in life and has never failed me though I have failed him many times in my life. His mercies are new every morning.....

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