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My current situation (in need of advice?)

*In advance, if you don't feel like reading all of this, just read the last paragraph. It sums it all up.

Okay so what seems to be the problem with many cases is that nobody can recall what caused their problem. Me however, I know exactly what caused it. Ever since 15, I've had terrible masturbation habits. I would go 3-4 weeks without ejaculation. I always liked the challenge of seeing how long I could go without masturbating. Then I'd go 1-2 weeks of doing it anywhere between once and four times daily. I know that this is what caused my problem.I feel like an idiot for living my life that way and I also feel like a pervert.

Every morning I wake up and wish I could go back to 15 and tell myself to do it 3-7 times weekly like a normal person. I am now 19 years old, almost 20, I have been living with this problem for almost a year. I've given up on antibiotics as no bacteria has ever been found and my stomach hurts from them now. My symptoms are mainly irritation in the testes, occasional urethral pain and the worst symptom is a burning tense nerve pain that rides from the right side of my right testicle and shoots down my leg. That is the worst symptom, If I could get rid of that, this wouldn't even be so bad. I do get some pain in my rectum but not often, I'd say less then once a day if that makes sense. I know many people are looking into this LRP surgery but I just don't think that's an option for me. I've read too many cases where things go wrong.

Before all of this, I was the happiest man. I hung out with people all the time, I spent lots of time with my family, I always took up new hobbies and I loved working. Now I find living to be the hardest challenge of all. My first year of college was a blast! I didn't even care about getting laid, I just loved all the new friends and cool stuff I was doing. I never had any sexual partners since grade 11 so I know bacteria isn't an issue. I got this at the end of first semester in first year and it's been downhill ever since. I'm starting my second year now and something needs to change before I give up. I'm not quite sure what give up means yet, that's something I'm working on. I still hang out with my friends but it's never enjoyable. I keep a straight face on and participate in activities but I don't have as much fun. I've changed my diet and stopped exercise which hasn't done anything.

I know my prostatitis/symptoms have been caused by my periods of abstinence and excessive masturbation. I never even knew what the prostate glad really was until I got this and I realized I've taken the worst care of it. I don't blame doctors or God for my pain. I know that this is something I brought on myself and hate myself for it. Here are two questions I have. 1. From the years of mistreating my prostate and imbalancing my hormones, do you think that it is completely shot now and that there is no chance of healing at any level? and 2. If you think my prostate isn't completely ridden, how would I go about recovering? (when I say heal and recovery, I don't mean completely. I know complete healing of prostatitis is still foreign. I just mean enough to enjoy my life a little again)

Thanks for the read, I wish the best to everyone else with this. I'd also like to know if theres anyone else who suspects their prostatitis be from poor care.

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