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Signs that prostatitis is getting worse?

Hey guys, I've been really off and on with my symptoms lately and just wanted to get some feedback. My urethra tneds to burn maybe twice a day. I maybe get perineal pain two or three times a day as well. However, I'm getting an odd stomach ache and it is very powerful. I've been having it since June where it would come and go but I'm starting to wonder. The source of the pain feels like it's behind my belly button so I don't know if it's prostate related. However, it is possible that my prostate pain is radiating however, I don't feel any aching in my pelvic area, just that hard stomach ache. Is it possible that my prostate is pushing up against my bladder and causing a chain reaction to my stomach? I asked my urologist about this and he said to see how if it resolves itself by the next appointment (September).

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Comment by David on August 12, 2013 at 12:59am
First, I'm sorry your feeling pain and discomfort. You stated that your next appointment is in September. Utilize this time to do research. Areas to research are:

Chronic pelvic pain syndrom
Iritial bowel syndrom
Pudendal neuralgia

The above can have overlapping symptoms. A good physician will appreciate and respect your research. If your questions are dismissed or challenged, ask why? It is just as much a patients responsibility to educate the physician as it is a physician's responsibility to help us.


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