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any good results with herbs?

I found that bee pollen helped my symptoms by about 30 percent, yet the pollen made me very ill, so i had to stop

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Quercitin helps considerably too, with no side effects with me. I find the Holland & Barratt Quercitin + Vit C capsules just as effective as the more expensive Prosta-Q.
Are there data on herbs or only case reports?
Dr Shoskes did a study involving a product called prosta q, main ingredient is quercetin. The study apparently showed major reductions in painful prostatitis symptoms in 80 percent of patients taking it.

Men on most prostatitis forums report pretty poor results with it, for whatever reason. Its worth a try though. I tried it with no effect...

I read about a few small study's involving bee pollen and pygeum{indian tree bark} which seem to be favorable.

In fact after taking pygeum, my after urine dribble went away. I had to stop taking the herb because it made me ill. I have a weak stomach when it comes to herbs for some reason..
Hi Mike,
May I know your symptoms based on the NIH symptom score?

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