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Why I dont see new experiences LRP, new patients taking this operation?

The last operations were the 2010, 2011 is it that nobody has operated since then?

Started by Frank

18 Apr 10, 2022
Reply by Rick Hall

Prostate Removal

Can prostate removal for prostatitis really offer a cure for suffering men?

Started by mike

96 Dec 6, 2016
Reply by Greg Donay

Phage Therapy

Hello everybody, I found some interesting links on the internet about the use of phages agains bacterial infections, it seems that this tec…

Started by hisham

7 Nov 15, 2016
Reply by Greg Donay

chinese treatment 3d cure

Hello guys, I came across a guy who got cured from china.his name is rsjedh..went to china for 3d prostate injection s..I mailed him ..he s…

Started by s mndl

34 Nov 15, 2016
Reply by Greg Donay

Painful Orgasm

Hello all, five years post surgery here. Everything was going fine until recently I developed a very painful sensation just before orgsam.…

Started by John Roland

0 Nov 14, 2016

Ike & German, how are you doing guy's?

Ike & German, how are you doing guy's? Well I hope. We would love to hear from you.

Started by Nik

13 Sep 27, 2016
Reply by John haynes

Autovaccine treatment experiences

Hello there, everyone, A long time reader, the first poster here.I am starting this discussion to share experiences with autovaccines, eith…

Started by Seymour Chow

1 Sep 14, 2016
Reply by kdkrkx

Erectile Disfunction, the only symptom

Since the end of the last year I stopped having complete orgasms and erections. The sperm comes out but not in large quantities and there i…

Started by Bob

2 Sep 14, 2016
Reply by Bob

Reverse Osmosis Filter, OAB and Misdiagnosed Prostatis

For about one to two years I had overactive bladder problem. It was thought to be prostatis problem. I sufferred a lot from it. I tried ant…

Started by kumar

0 Mar 1, 2016

LRP Success Rates and resolution of pain and bowel symptoms

I am 31 years old and have had prostatitis for 12 years. My symptoms started with a golf ball feeling in my rectum, pain below belly button…

Started by jim

14 Jul 25, 2015
Reply by John haynes



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