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i am 40 years old male from germany (please apologize for bad english)

I have been suffering on chronic prostatitis for about 1.5 years. mostly

i ahve only urinary problems.

-weak stream, interrupted, delayed, bad urinary pressure and inflammation feeling.

i was diagnosed by some urogolist doctors, Also one said i should have since i was born

a tight bladder neck. others said this is not a problem.

ok using alpha blockers not helped at all inflammation is there. also problem with bowel

movement , amalgam poisened, candida etc.

a natural practionist gave me analysis of an autoimmune inlammation of prostata caused by food

allergenes. i almost cannot eat any food at the moment and have to do diet for 6 weeks practically

only eating potatoes,rice, millet, soja things. avoid animal protein. my testosterone hormones are blocked by a high level of protein in my blood. i also feel athritis in my thumb and numbness recently in two fingers of my right hand--probably karpal tunnel snydrom.

BUT most annoying is this urinary problem. i studied if this autoimmune deseases can also come from a protein storage desease which was detected by professor Wendt in Germany. mostly it is blocking our blood vessels and can also cause

autoimmune inflammation.

i read today about

does anyone know about how to fight autoimmune prostatitis. i use antiflammatory enzymes, alpha blockers using hot sitz bath and even hot water to help void my bladder. this is stupid and i think the on ly cure can be to remove

the prostate.

any ideas?

many thanks,


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has the diet helped at all?  let us know how you get on with that and the autoimmune option if you take it.

Well, th diet helped a lot. i ate maybe 3 weeks millet, rice, potatoes and a some soja milk and just water. i think this

help for bringing acid out of the body, but actually i had a good urinary flow also without alpha blockers

The bad thing was obstipation because of missing fibers.

I not take the autoimmune therpay because school medicine not find anything in blood.

I also did now ELISA blood test in USA to know exactly which food could be a problem.

recently i also find borrelia in my blood test. i will go in february to an virulogist specialist.

i made another round DMSA for detoxing the mercury.

I think this allergies come from mercury and old AMALGAM.

At the moment i feel good i also take alpha blockers but eat more like normal. The last few days was good.

But facing that i have a relative tight bladder neck i think about to get it lasered that should increase urinary flow

even more. I still think to have the prostate inflammed also.

Well but i not like the option to take long time antibiotics for 2-3 months which many school medicine doctors recommend.

I will report my progress also after the detoxing.

What i also find very good is give high dose of vitamin D. Most people have low levels of vitamin D and it

also helps to stimmulate immune system and to helps colon digestion. I take 5000 I.U. a day to refresh the levels.

Dave said:

has the diet helped at all?  let us know how you get on with that and the autoimmune option if you take it.

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