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Hello there, everyone,

A long time reader, the first poster here.
I am starting this discussion to share experiences with autovaccines, either custom made or available as prescription drugs.

Here's my little story to give some background why I am bringing this up.

I've had prostatitis since mid nineties as a consequence of an STD. All these years, it was bugging me a bit e.g. sitting on cold surfaces was uncomfortable etc, but didn't cause any major discomfort. A couple of years ago, my stream started getting somewhat weaker, so decided to check with urologist on this, and sure enough he scheduled a cystoscopy and I was dumb enough to agree to undergo it.
Unfortunately, during the cystocopy my prostate got infected with corynebacterium due to the lack of sanitazation (i.e. the assisting nurse didn't sanitize my privates properly). As result, I ended up with dribbling and all sorts of pain e.g. in perineum, pelvis, lower abdomen, lower back, flanks, lymph nodes etc, which I hadn't had before. Following the cystoscopy, ABX treatment (cipro+bactrim) left me with severe side effects, especially on my hip joints (still limping), so I had to stop the treatment prematurely.
As a result, I started looking for alternatives to traditional ABX treatment for bacterial prostatitis, and thankfully have come across the following posting [ ] in which, a kind fellow by the name of Paul, described his personal experience with various autovaccine labs in EU (Prague, Warsaw, and Odessa; he especially praises the latter) which produce autovaccines based specifically on the bacterial strain isolated from patients' samples. He also listed some of broader spectrum autovaccines available in EU pharmarmacies e.g. Urovax, Polyvaccinum Forte etc.
His story really inspired me, so I am eager to go to Odessa, despite the cost of the vaccine. However, I can't find any other accounts of people undergoing the same treatment in those labs .
Not sure if the treated are so happy to be completely cured by autvaccines, so after the treatment they are no longer going to the forums anymore, even to share their joy (I hope this is the case :-).

So if you've been in those labs, could you please share your experience?
Or if you've had any experience with the prescription autovaccines, please share it too.

I am interested to know if after the successful treatment by autoivaccines the bacteria is completely cleared up from the prostate or it just gets reduced in concentration and becomes dormant, e.g. according to EPS PCR performed after the treatment?

Any insight on the topic is welcome too. Thanks!

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Intresting article by VN Bayraktar, scientists from Odessa University.

Bayraktar writes that few strains of klebsiella and faecalis are the

reason chronic bacterial prostatitis.

I would like this autovaccine treatment available world wide.

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