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Bladder Neck Contracture (Scar Tissue) post LRP

Hello everyone,

I had LRP in July of last year (7 months ago) for prostatitis and I was recently diagnosed with a bladder neck contracture by my local urologist a couple of days ago. My urine stream had been getting weak over the past few months. He tried to use a cystoscope to look at my bladder but he couldn't get it through so he had to use form and followers (dilate) starting with a 12F, 14F, 16 F & finally an 18F but that was as much as I could handle. Anyway, I have a procedure set up in a couple of weeks in which he will make a couple of incisions to open up the bladder neck & leave a catheter in for 4 days. He said the bladder neck opening should normally be a 26F, although I've read that an 18F or 20F can be normal. I've read that this procedure can be really helpful but I've also read that it can make incontinence worse. Anyway, does anyone have any experience with this procedure to open the bladder neck & if so, how much did it help/harm you? My urologist will most likely be using a knife instead of a laser & I just want this to go away.



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I had this done in October last year ,improved flow just two days in hospital.
John Clarke

Hey John,

Did you have LRP before the bladder neck procedure or did something else cause the contracture & did you have any issues afterward?


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