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Chronic Nonbacterial Prostatis for Almost 30 years.

Pubic pain, Urgency,  terrible burning through the urethra which brings on Anxiety and Depression.  I have lived with this cycle for almost 30 years.  Had a TURP at 46 am now 65. Still have a good sex life with my wife and am concerned about the effect of surgery might have on me.  Is it possible to have a penile implant at the time of prostate surgery or shortly thereafter?

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Not sure it's the right thing, but technically yes. Among the issues: 1) will the erections return anyway?; 2) Will a catheter and urine increase the chance of infecting the incision for the prosthesis and/or the prosthesis itself?

Have a look at this video, in which one patient talks about TURP and other treatments. There are others who have had a TURP.

Dr, Krongrad,

Thank you for your response.  At of yesterday I had just come off of a week long flareup. Went to my GP who is a very caring guy and he did a prostate massage as he has done in the past.  Usually it seems to help after a day or so and  my symptoms become milder or just about disapear.  This time he put me on Bactrim as well and I am also taking 10 mg of Hytrin daily for years.  Beyond that I am taking a product named Supa Beta Prostate as well.. Suposedly it is made up of Plant Sterals which are stronger than Saw Palmetto in eleviating prostate problems. Even with all of his, I seem to always have some level of supra pubic pain on the right side.  I also notice that at times when I have a BM I get a shudder through my body amd my prostatitis symptoms seem to appear shortly thereafter (later on that day or next day). This  Prostatitis issue is really quite disconcerting especially when bad flareups occur. Just as Dr. Muff Remarked there are times during these episodes that you wish you were dead. Quite unerving for someone who has so many wonderful things to live for (Great Kids and a Wonderful Wife)  Like Dr Muff I have been married to my childhood sweetheart approaching 43 years and the thought of not being able to continue our sexual intimacy is intimidating to me.

Any way, I am glad that I found your site and am contemplating whether to move forward in the direction of Laproscopic Prostectomy.  It is good to know that there is another option. My wife and I will have to discuss the issue further.  I will in the meantime keep reading the forum from other prostatitis sufferers.  Thank you for your work in helping with this debilitating desease.  

I'm glad you found the video useful. FYI, along with others who had the surgery, Dr. Muff is a member here. You can leave a comment on his page (scroll to the bottom).

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