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i m 29 years old and still single, since around 12-15 years i m masturbating and sometime it was 2-3 times a day. my semen is alsmost like water, urination is very frequent just within half n hour or early after drinking water, and erection is not hard, quickly ejaculate, quickly get wet if talking to girl friend even on phone and even talk just about kiss i get wet. i get irritate quickly and anger on anyone and dont even think what i m saying and to whom and later on i realize that i did wrong i shouldnt do so. I suffer from frequent urination is not normal, which causes me embarrassment during travel or visit relatives, where I need the toilet more than once, especially if you drink water on an empty stomach, then I need to urinate every twenty minutes ago, as well as when eating oranges and tea, Have addicted for nearly 10 years this habit, and was practicing with a rate of 3 times a week, but in some cases up practicing her terribly, as I was watching pornographic films, as well as pornographic sites, which leads to a masturbation to approximately 7 - 8-9 times at the same time and same meeting, then I feel pain in my back, and I am sleeping in a strange, also felt that the semen is almost come to an end (this case was repeated about 8 times, I mean I've seen a number of films, and each time repeated practicing of the dirty habit about 8 times), i think that the bad habit caused the chronic prostate,for a long period i stooped for doing this habit but the  prevoius symptoms still exist,if any one
has the same symptoms and treated from it please do reply May Allah reward you I am in great suffering.

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This is interesting allah wont help you

you need a prostate exam to start with 

And Id say most of what you wrote here 

is non substantial men don't get wet!

Ejaculation is good and shrinks the prostate blake

infection causes inflammation also damage

from injury or reaction to drugs do too.

Sounds mainly like a bladder infection 

semen will run out after 8 times thats normal.

You can have lots of sex or not much 

The main thing to worry of is pathogens from 

sex and a weakened immune system as with

all diseases pathogens are stronger these days. 

So unprotected sex is the most likely cause, 

unless your overweight this can also cause 

this type of problem then diet modification 

is the best thing to do to try and address this.

Most doctors don't understand this stuff IMO

but there are some that do, they are rare.

Ok perhaps it is possible to die from over masturbation!

But then you have to ask was his prostate inflamed???

And If he died from this what were the full causes of death

perhaps his habit exacerbated other factors such as low blood

pressure and so on. Many top athletes, footballers for example

die unexpectedly they maybe have been "too fit" or had been

on performance enhancing drugs which caused death.

In the case of bhp thats a different set of circumstances 

and we know thats something that occurs naturally later

in life for many men naturally so then it wont shrink like 

a heart thats already enlarged!

I might add many men who do sex for a living and so 

on may have sex up to ten times a day on a regular basis 

and they are still fine.

Urethral trauma could be a side effect of this habit that 

makes sense but it would not cause prostate infection 

or bladder infection so she's right about what she's saying

but thats different to the bladder symptoms Rico describes.

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