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Fertility and feasiblity of sperm bank for prostatitis pre-surgery?

Hello everyone. I'm 23 year old single man suffering from prostatitis. Antibiotic treatment hasn't worked, and EPS procedure did give the diagnosis for prostatitis but the massage also worsened the symptoms quite a bit (no pain no gain I guess). I have trouble maintaining rigid erection which is quite uncommon for men at my age, which probably has sth to do with prostatitis. I've noticed that my semen has been watery more often than not. It does't come out in squirts instead it flows out. For sometime after the diagnosis it has also been stained with blood occasionally thus having an yellowish colour like urine. I haven't done a semen analysis yet but the outcome seems bleak at this point.

Suppose that I have bad sperm quality/count/motility etc which probably is the case, is sperm storage in a sperm bank for future IVF a possible option for me to father children after LRP?


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Hi Yongyuan,

You raise a very important point that absolutely begs emphasis in a forum: Prostate disease and its treatment is often associated with infertility.

In your case, until you actually try to have children, we will have no idea if you are infertile. A semen analysis might provide a clue, but apparently it has not been done. So we do not know your fertility.

Given your prostatitis and your mentioning LRP, you should absolutely consider banking sperm. To clarify, I am not a fertility specialist, but in this context this would seem a very obvious step. You don't have to use the sperm in the future, but given the uncertainties of your situation, you should take every measure to preserve this option.

Out of curiosity, have you taken the CPSI? What is your score?

Also out of curiosity, I have attached the CPSI in Chinese. Do you agree that it matches the English version?

My wife & I are going through IVF at the moment. I have just enough sperm for ICSI (sperm injected directly into egg). We have banked some sperm, its essential if you are considering at least a chance of children and/or removing your prostate.
Nik, anybody,

Have you ever seen data to suggest that men with prostatitis are less fertile than men without prostatitis?
I have found no official publications but there is a place in LA that sems to believe there is a link.

There are also too many other sufferers on the forums who have had tests done for it to be a cooincidence in my humble opinion. The specialist at the IVF clinic we are recieving treatment at in London see's it a lot with prostatitis and believes the inflamation is blocking the pathway of the sperm through the prostate. Varicocele (dont know the spelling!!) is also very common with prostatitis which may also contribute to infertility due to overheating of the testes. I have both, so not much chance of a naturally occuring pregnancy for me..!!

On the positive side, whenever I have my prostate removed I wont be much worse off in the way of fertility, as its almost non existant already LOL...!!!
My CPSI score is 30 right now, but it might be lowered in the following weeks because I just suffered a prostate massage not long ago. And the Chinese version contains a repetitive typo that doesn't interfere with understanding, and I would like to change the wording at a few places.
Please do. I am not sure who I will use it with, but why not?

I like how you phrased it: "suffered a massage."

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