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thanks Blake for your feedback.the ecoli is resistant to maximum antibiotics.its  sensisitive only to imipenem,meropenem,ertapenem ,amikacin,gentamicin,chlorophenicol,netilmycin,polymixin b.its resistant to clindamycin,all fluraquinilones and its resistant to rocephin too.and i have been checked for abscess.there is no abscess in my prostate.e coli is esbl strain and is resistant.i just dont know what to do.

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Hi supantha.. I am deepu from the state of kerala ,india.. i am also going thru the tough situation of chronic prostatitis. mine is chronic abactirial prostatitis. Hw r u doing now? Hws ur pain now? in which all area u feeling it? Do u know any hospitals or doctors in india doing LRP for prostatitis? I am only experiencing pain for last 6 months but then also i am considering for LRP to make this crap out of my body. Very much fed up with this diseases...

I have a chrysemonas luteola infection on semen culture.  I've been on months of cipro and now cipro+Bactrim but still in pain.  maybe the gentamycin injections would help?

hi deepu,

                   i experiace pain in my testicles and groin area.i have not come across any doctor who does lpr for prostatis in india.this type of treatment is not done in india.U Have to go to Florida to remove it i guess.Do you know the cost of surgery??

in india prostate removal for prostate cancer costs around 2-3 lakhs.. i think the same procedure is done for prostatitis also.. i dont knw the cost for surgery in US but it comes 4 or 5 times more to indias cost. Many hospitals in india are performing LRP and Robotic LRP too..but have to make sure that they are doing it for prostatitis also.. if so we can also get the profit from it if the surgery cures our problem.. are u curretnly in india only right? Whats ur phone number?

You also have the option of going to the UK to get the procedure done. Check out Chris Eden who has done the operation for several members of this site.

ya right now i am in kolkata,earlier i was in Toronto .i used to stay in Canada,I am currently in phone no is  8159993131.

Thomas Rodert said:

You also have the option of going to the UK to get the procedure done. Check out Chris Eden who has done the operation for several members of this site.

thanks Robert for ur reply,can you tell me the cost of the surgery in UK??

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