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Well I am here just to say I can not get my prostatitis under control .It is slowly starting to ruin my life.It is putting massive amounts of stress on my family.
I have had this for over fifteen years but over the last twelve months it has been unbearable.
The only relief I get is if I ejaculate and massage my prostate.This lasts for a day or so then I get the full felling again.
I think the only option is to get it removed.
Does any one know of a good surgeon who has done this in the uk?

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Well if things don't improve, speak to your GP about Lyrica (pregabalin) - this is generally favoured over gabapentin by many doctors because the side effects are less severe, apparently.  Care has to be taken still, due to the way these things work, and without a doubt there are side effects - some people put on weight but the biggest one I've found personally is I can only drink a very small amount of alcohol and of specific types (it does advise not to, but hey);  I start getting a nasty hangover feeling very rapidly after about 2 pints of cider, like it was the morning after many more. Starting, stopping or changing doses has to be done very slowly too, over days or weeks.   It is not a fix-all by any means, but for me it reduced symptoms by say 50%.  I still have to resort to antibiotics every so often.

Thanks for that Dave.

I am going to see my gp this week so I will mention it to him.

The worst feeling I get is the fullness feeling if I dont ejaculate every 24 hours.I am finding it very hard to cope with that.

It ony used to be about a week until about a year or so ago.

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