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Hello everybody, 

I found some interesting links on the internet about the use of phages agains bacterial infections, it seems that this technique is used in eastern european countries: ... papers.htm ... 081414.htm 

Is there anybody on this forum who tried this therapy? I know some people here live in eastern europe. I wonder if they know this kind of treatment or have heard things about it? ... herapy.pdf 

A clinic which uses this technique to treat prostatitis: ... language=0 

A patient saved by a phage treatment: ... 2596.shtml 

The website of the place he had his treatment:


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Phage therapy is also available in my country, in Wroclaw

Marcin can you tell us about it have you been with this treatment before  i heard that phage can easily Penetrates the prostat gland and eat the bacteria inside it  :)

I can only say that I read on Polish forum that some people have had positive results in improving the lot of people, however, had recurrence of symptoms. I personally have not tried this therapy as the cause for me it was not bacterial. Now I'm after LRP, which I did with Dr. Eden. After 10 days of surgery I can say that the pain of prostatitis disappeared. The pain that I feel are associated with the same surgery, and no catheter removed. The effects of LRP in the long run I will describe.

The phages stuff looks very interesting... though I guess it is the reoccurrence issue in the long term that needs looking at i.e. why it happens & if the infection is cause or effect of the underlying problem. Otherwise phages may not be much more useful than traditional antibiotics in their ultimate effect on this condition. There seem to be a few places developing this sort of stuff but they seem to be targetting the superbugs like MRSA as priority.

Yes - Marcin - please keep us up to date with how you get on & hope you recover quickly.

i think we should think about phages as second options if the case is bacterial  and it only cost 300 euro max in poland- wroclaw  

in  Georgia they charge more  but they have  more experience and more  phages  

Hey guys im making preparations to travel to Georgia for this treatment the success of this treatment also depends on the rigth choice of the phages for your specific bacteria because if you just buy the generic phage preparation it will be less sucsesfull. But my doubt is that if another bacteria appears then what?  fly again to georgia hmmm . Aniway i think that this has a good scientific aproach and it has been tested in other diseases whit success but if someone has tryed this and has reliable info on this treatment it will be aprouciated.

joe, did you Make your trip to Georgia, how did your treatment go ?

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