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Been to over 15 doctors. Urinary symptoms are terrible and recently saw Dr Polacheck. Am now on massage and 3 types of antibiotics. I do not have the same pain but sometimes have dull ache in pelvis/bladder area. I am considering Dr Bahn injection. Does anyone know if he can help with these symptoms rather than the usual pain symptoms? i am desperate.

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if you try every think and nothing seems to work for your prostat you should give  the injection  a try  . 

I have tried many things but have only been on antibiotics for about 2 months but i still have urinary symptoms, a prostate fluid discharge, the sexual stuff but not heavy duty pain. only a dull ache in the pelvis from sometimes. it is not debilitating but it has killed the quality of my life completely. anyone been to dr bahn? i hear bad things about china and good things about bahn.

thanks for your response hisham

there's also some members here in forum who tryed  injection's from dr bahn and  work for them like (iamnotcrazy)

i am also going for injection  in rome i hope it work for me you can also email me Nicholas for more information  

Is anybody else get cured with those injections(as iamnotcrazy)?Would be interesting to know in what level you can improve after injections.Is it you have some improvement(and you need go there again and again) ,or a total improvement without any symptoms and energy levels up(no more fatigue)-a happy person as before CP,and leave this thing behind you.

Hey since you've been to so many doctors, have you considered taking a natural prostate supplement. While I agree that a few of them are scams but Super Beta Prostate is different. Read more reviews of it and you'll see that the beta-sitosterol in it has been shown to be effective in improving prostate health, all naturally. I think it's worth trying out since you definitely seem desperate.

Sounds like the same experineces I went through. I was on most if not all drugs for about 15 months. I stopped the drugs and started acupuncture, that seemed to help me a bit. Over the summer of 2012 the pain stopped, just out of the blue. I was pain free for the first time in 18 months and I cant tell you the reason. I slowly introduced the "typical" foods that cause flare ups, I had a beer or two a week on the deck, even a coffee or 2 a week. all went well until Jan 2013. Within 24 hrs all the pain was back and thats where I stand today. Back to square one. I hope someone finds a cure, remedy, that actually works cause this is truly no way to live. Try to stay strong!

Antibiotics are useless and dangerous. Antibiotics damage your vital gut flora and allow candida and fungal overgrowth to take over in the digestive system and then to any other organ. The prostate is a common place as is the bladder for candida to move in. You need to deal with systemic candida.  The medical profession do not like to admit candida as it is them that gives it to everyone by the indiscriminate use of antibiotics.  Candida sends out toxins, disables the immune system and causes massive inflammation. Don't take antibiotics - they will wreck you to pieces.

I agree with John, I was on Antibiotics for 13 months at one time, just stop it it does nothing if there is not bacteria present.

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