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Prostatitis like symptoms triggered by neuro-muscular/psychological factors

I am a 32 year old male and was first diagnosed by "prostatitis" when I was 19 years old. The initial diagnosis was that the prostate was swollen and I was prescribed antibiotics. Then treatments continued with antibiotics accompanied by vigorous massages of the prostate thinking it might help to get rid of the inflammation. Have also been treated at the Prostatitis Center in Tucson, Arizona. My treatment for prostatitis with antibiotics took 1.5 years with no symptom relief whatsoever. Main complaints were frequent urination and pain in the tailbone area.

With no visible progress I decided to get myself off of antibiotics and massages, took some time off from school and went on a vacation for 2 months. 90% of the symptoms subsided. I was during my treatment also on a specific diet - avoiding any alcohol whatsoever and spicy food. I resumed occasional alcohol consumption and spicy and this would not result in any flare-up whatsoever. This made me think that my prostatitis was mainly caused by psychological factors and the problem in nature was more neuro-muscular in nature rather than pathoogical.

Recently, once again I have started experiencing some of the old symptoms. Right now it's discomfort in the perinial area, frequent urination, and iritation of the urethra. The iritation and urination increase with ejaculation. Before the onset of symptoms I was going through a lot of anxiety. Once again did a culture of the urine and EPS, both of them came back negative.

I have booked an appointment with a physiotherapist specializing in pelvic floor dysfunction. I am thinkingthat I should benefit from both the manual work and exercises. I was wondering if anyone has benefited from this kind of treatment. I think this is the only treatment that can benefit me, because nothing else has worked and the symptoms usually have gone away by themselves. This way I am hoping to take control of the symptoms myself and hopefully prevent them from happening in the future. Please let me know what you think about my case and if you have benefited from pelvic floor exercises and how do they work. I will greatly appreciate any feedback.

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Hi John my name is Mark i am from Australia would not give up the massage. There is well documented evidence that massage does help. It helps with increasing blood flow into the area and with inflammation. also it helps to keep the acini glands open. The studies done show that masturbation helps as well. (British Journal of Urology August 2003). In this study and a similar study (Jama April 2004). There was 33% less chance of developing cancer.

In 2012 i  was bed ridden none of the 5 specialist and 12 docs i visited could find anything wrong with me. I was told i had none bacterial prostatitis even though they found nothing in all the tests they done. I had testicle pain,back pain,perinal pain, pain down my legs,  pain when urinating, hip pain, voiding problems.

 What i need to do is find a doc that could conduct proper testing of the prostate fluid and prostate. Also the diagnosing testing that they use for bacterial infections is PCR. Polymerace chain reaction. However there is a better testing method using DFA testing. (DFA) Direct Fluorescence Antibody. Moreover no doctor in Australia tests for yeast of the prostate fliud.

To cut a long story short i have spend more than $20,000 Australian dollars so far. I am not cured. But i have made some good progress. I go the gym four times a week. I work full time. My symptoms are mild compared to before.

i found this doctor who does DFA testing and yeast. He has the latest test equipment from France. He has helped me so much. He has a new book out which is a wealth of information (Genitourinary and Prostate Health). You can get it by contacting him via website. This book will help you understand what you should be doing to prevent the progress of the disease and what tests should be considered to get a proper diagnosis. He has treated more than four thousand people. hope this information helps you if you have questions just ask. 


I have read your post and I am sure I can help you.

My name is Tamás Koch, I live in Hungary and I am dealing with a Hungarian invention. I got obliged to the product –its name is Lavyl - after getting a final solution for my prostate problem which had occured a year before that. Since then I have experienced a quality change in my sexual life as well, so no wonder I simply LOVE Lavyl and I am really grateful to its inventor!
Lavyl products have been on market for more then a year.
According to their ingredients and beneficial effect Lavyl products are unique in the world and give solution for several health problems that the present medical treatments couldn’t solve.
One of them is like yours. I know quite a lot of people who have been recovered from a similar case in a really short time.
You have to know that these unique products are produced by a special nanotechnological method which means  that the nanoeffectors penetrate through the skin deep into the body and in a few seconds they reach the affected area.  They contain more then 300 pure natural ingredients of controlled source and have no side effects.

For prostate problems there is a suppository which should be placed twice a day (morning and evening) into the rectum plus the crucial parts should also be sprayed by Lavyl Auricum Sensitive 3-5 times a day.
About 2 weeks later you will be totally cured and can forget your prostate problems.

The two products,  Lavyl suppository – named Allin – and the spray Lavyl Auricum Sensitive used together can treat and solve further problems like  haemorrhoids, colitis and different gynacological problems.

In case you are interested and would like to try the product and get free from your problem write to my e-mail and I will post itt o your address!

I wish you all the best,

Tamás Koch

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