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Hi guys,,wishing u all a happy new year 2014....May this year be less painful..i need some suggestion on this topic..i am experiencing a lot of pain in my left testicle anybody got their testicle removed due to such a situation..have they got any relief..??can anybody give some ideas on this topic..has anybody gone through a similar experaince..i dont have pain in my right is only the left one....what can be done...??

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You might check out 'microsurgical denervation of the spermatic cord'.  This is a relatively simple operation and is very effective for many people. I also suffer from pain in the left testicle, but decided against the operation because I think the pain is coming from my prostate, and if the prostate problem were solved, the testicular pain would become better. Surgeons usually test you before doing the denervation by giving you a nerve block injection. If it kills the pain then the operation will be effective. If not, it probably won't help.

thanks robert

Hi guys what r the remedies to reduce testicular pain?? Anybody did microdenervation?? Suggestions plz..

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