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Have someone here tried the russian device called "Vitafon". I've found a lot of information in internet and there are only positive reports for it. If someone have tried it for prostatitis,please give your opinion!

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Can you please tell us your interest in Vitafon?

Are there any data regarding its use in patients with prostatitis?

Where did you develop the interest in Vitafon?

Thank you.
Last year i had a multiple bacterial urethritis.I've been treated for staphylococci,e.coli,streptococci in urine and sperm samples.Weeks after treatment the problems reoccured. This,of course,lead to mild prostatitis. I have burning sensation after urination and ejaculation,discomfort after long sitting,a light pain in right testicle.
The last examinаtions showed trichomonas in sperm samples.I assume that was the main problem since the beginning of my complaints...but it remained undiagnosed.Now i'm through tinidazol and nitrofurantoin treatment for the trichomonas.

Because all of these problems i made a huge personal research for prostatic problems.I found info about "vitafon" in russian literature for prostatic therapy. The device uses ultrasound waves for treating different chronic problems(including prostatitis). The main medical effects (as claimed everywhere) are :

* to increase the local blood supply
* to improve function of an organ and quality of the blood
* to restore the control damaged because of insufficient blood supply to neural fibres, tissues, and nervous centres

Here we should all know how important is blood suply for treating prostatitis.It's the main problem for unsuccesfull antibiotic treatment.
I've found only positive replies for the vitafon in different sites worldwide.That's why i'm interested if someone here have tried it for prostatitis
1) We should be careful to separate physiological effects (blood flow) from clinical effect (reduction of symptoms). The hypothesized causal relationship of the two may or may not to be real. So your request for clinical effect is right on target. If this device is to be more than a curiosity, we will need to see clinical effect.

2) How does blood flow matter? Is reduced blood flow a cause or effect or mere correlate of prostatitis?

3) In which kinds of illnesses have you heard "positive replies?" What is the nature of these replies?
i'm not a doctor or a seller of this device.I just found different positive replies in google about "vitafon" (in english and russian),from users around the world.I saw replies about rheumatic and traumathic issues. Here is a site with some clinical trials,i just found them,i don't know what's true :
Got it. Thank you. So basically nothing specific to prostatitis.

Let's see if anybody else has any insights.
I have used Vitafon. It is a device which produces a vibration and emits sounds. I do not know whether certain patients might help - it seems to cause greater blood circulation in the prostate, which in my case it gives only a worsening of symptoms. As for other diseases do not have the experience - it seems to help out on other diseases. In my opinion, is completely useless for prostatitis.

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