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Why I dont see new experiences LRP, new patients taking this operation?

The last operations were the 2010, 2011 is it that nobody has operated since then?

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I had chronic prostatitis for 20 years. No evidence of bacteria allegedly found but severe burning pain kept in check by constant antibiotics over that period hence I don't really believe in non bacterial prostatitis as as soon as I stopped antibiotics I was in agony again within 48 hours and on them I led a completely normal life. After 20 years got out of control and could only be kept in check with intravenous broad spectrum antibiotics. Christopher Eden performed a radical prostatectomy in 2014 resulting in a complete cure instantly. I was off all antibiotics and pain free for the first time in 20 years. I did have a complication a year on due to a migrating surgical clip causing an infection and having to be removed via cystoscopy. However 3 years on I remain pain free and off all medication so surgery has cured me completely

Updating my information. I took the LRP operation in July 2015 and the results were excellent, all the pain disappeared and my life became totally normal again, I think I made an excellent decision to take this operation.

Hi Frank do you suffer ED from it ?
Hi Frank ,
Will you except my friend request.
Many thanks
Sent friend requests to frank and Peter , both not excepted as yet ! I know us army of info hunters are a pain to the brave men who take the leap of faith with Lp but do bare in mind that you guys was once like us and that we rely on the pioneers such as your selves for your support

There are success stories.  The ones on Krongrads website give testimony.  So i asked Krongrad about how many of the surgeries he had done and he blew up at me.  Said i was disturbing him while he was in a meeting.  He just didnt like my question.  

Rick Hall said:

Yeah.  My urologist here told me the odds of success were probably less than 50%. I would think you would only do the surgery if you unable to function or have little or no quality of life.

Frank said:

How many cases dr krongrad patients failed lrp operation? And , How many cases are success?. I see more success stories that failed cases. The question is, how many have taken the operation and not post on this forum? How are they going?

I think the probability of getting a good outcome is not 50/50. We are afraid to be on the side of failed cases although they are few.

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